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Date Title Author(s)
21 Mar, 2024 Imbalances in the Current Account of the Greek Economy: Causes and Policy Recommendations
Policy Brief

Zacharias Bragoudakis | Bank of Greece

29 Feb, 2024 How far has globalization gone? A tale of two regions
Policy Brief

Rodolfo G. Campos | Banco de España

Samuel Pienknagura | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Jacopo Timini | Banco de España

22 Feb, 2024 Clever planning or unfair play? Exploring the economic and statistical impacts of tax avoidance by multinationals
Policy Brief

Alessio Anzuini | Bank of Italy

Elena Pisano | Bank of Italy

Luca Rossi | Bank of Italy

Alessandra Sanelli | Bank of Italy

Enrico Tosti | Bank of Italy

Ernesto Zangari | Bank of Italy

1 Feb, 2024 Global supply chain interdependence and shock amplification – evidence from Covid lockdowns
Policy Brief

Sally Chen | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Eric Tsang | Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Leanne (Si Ying) Zhang | BIS Innovation Hub

18 Jan, 2024 Competition from China in the EU market for Germany’s manufacturing sector
Policy Brief

Jürgen Matthes | German Economic Institute (Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft)

7 Dec, 2023 FDI screening in advanced economies: anatomy of a rise
Policy Brief

Lorenzo Bencivelli | Bank of Italy

Violaine Faubert | Bank of Italy

Florian Le Gallo | Bank of Italy

Pauline Négrin | Bank of Italy

2 Nov, 2023 Policy Insights from ICT Trade: Exploring the Influence of Regulatory Convergence
Policy Brief

Mahdi Ghodsi | Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw)

7 Sep, 2023 Nowcasting World Trade with Machine Learning: a Three-Step Approach
Policy Brief

Menzie D. Chinn | University of Wisconsin

Baptiste Meunier | European Central Bank (ECB)

Sebastian Stumpner | Banque de France

31 Aug, 2023 Macroeconomic News, the Financial Cycle and the Commodity Cycle: the Chinese Footprint
Policy Brief

Flavia Corneli | Bank of Italy

Fabrizio Ferriani | Bank of Italy

Andrea Gazzani | Bank of Italy

17 Aug, 2023 Rethinking the trade specialisation concept: from products to functions
Policy Brief

Aleksandra Kordalska | Gdańsk University of Technology

Magdalena Olczyk | Gdańsk University of Technology

16 Mar, 2023 How shocks to Chinese supply chains affect US and euro area manufacturing
Policy Brief

Makram Khalil | Deutsche Bundesbank

Marc-Daniel Weber | Deutsche Bundesbank

2 Mar, 2023 Disruptions in global supply chains drive inflation in the euro area
Policy Brief

David Finck | Deutsche Bundesbank

Peter Tillmann | University of Giessen

2 Mar, 2023 Modeling Semiconductor Export Restrictions and the US-China Trade Conflict
Policy Brief

Michael Funke | University of Hamburg

Adrian Wende | Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna

2 Feb, 2023 Green Policies and Transition Risk Propagation in Production Networks
Policy Brief

Pablo Aguilar | Banco de España

Beatriz Gonzalez | Banco de España

Samuel Hurtado | Banco de España

1 Dec, 2022 Shipping freight rates and inflation in the Euro Area
Policy Brief

Nektarios Michail | Central Bank of Cyprus

Konstantinos Melas | Metropolitan College

Lena Cleanthous | Central Bank of Cyprus

10 Nov, 2022 Country Characteristics and Institutions as Significant Factor in Global Value Chain Integration
Policy Brief

Mojca Lindič | Bank of Slovenia

6 Oct, 2022 From macro to micro: large exporters more responsive to common shocks
Policy Brief

Jean-Charles Bricongne | Banque de France

Juan Carluccio | Banque de France

Lionel Fontagné | Banque de France

Guillaume Gaulier | Banque de France

Sebastian Stumpner | Banque de France

15 Sep, 2022 Smart or Smash? The Effect of Financial Sanctions on Trade in Goods and Services
Policy Brief

Tibor Besedeš | Deutsche Bundesbank

Stefan Goldbach | Deutsche Bundesbank

Volker Nitsch | Technical University of Darmstadt

15 Sep, 2022 Was globalization just a little thing in the process of inflation?
Policy Brief

Juhana Hukkinen | Bank of Finland

Matti Viren | University of Turku

15 Sep, 2022 The Kiel Trade Indicator – A real-time indicator for trade flows
Policy Brief

Wolfgang Lechthaler | Oesterreichische Nationalbank

Vincent Stamer | Kiel Institute for the World Economy

8 Sep, 2022 The rise of cross-border financial centres
Policy Brief

Pamela Pogliani | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Philip Wooldridge | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

8 Sep, 2022 Friendshoring: Who will benefit?
Policy Brief

Michael Every | Rabobank

Erik-Jan van Harn | RaboResearch

28 Jul, 2022 Aim High, Shoot Low? The Impact of Product Characteristics on Product Survival in Latvia’s Export Markets
Policy Brief

Konstantins Benkovskis | Bank of Latvia

Peter Jarrett | OECD

Zeev Krill | OECD

Olegs Tkacevs | Bank of Latvia

Naomitsu Yashiro | Bank of Latvia

9 Jun, 2022 How does financial openness affect inequality?
Policy Brief

Stefan Avdjiev | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Tsvetana Spasova | University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

21 Apr, 2022 How do carbon prices spillover along global production networks?
Policy Brief

Ivan Frankovic | Deutsche Bundesbank

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