Pablo Hernández de Cos

Governor, Banco de España

“SUERF is a unique institution that has been very successful in creating an active network of academics, financial practitioners and policymakers for the analysis and discussion of monetary and financial issues. SUERF has achieved outreach by means of the organisation of international events, publications and a very active sponsoring of research. In October 2018 the Banco de España co-organised a joint conference with SUERF which resulted in a very productive debate from different perspectives about relevant policy issues related to the structure of financial systems.”

Ewald Nowotny

Governor, Oesterreichische Nationalbank (2008-2019)

„The Oesterreichische Nationalbank has hosted SUERF’s Secretariat at our premises in Vienna since 2000. Our long-standing co-operation with SUERF has been both a pleasure and of mutual benefit. During this time, we have jointly organised nine workshops, conferences and colloquia. These events have been of consistently high scientific quality and have always addressed topics of immediate interest to central bankers, supervisors, financial firms and academic economists. SUERF successfully creates a joint communication and networking platform among quite distinct groups. SUERF smoothly bridges the gaps in language, concepts, and interests among them, thus creating new perspectives, insights and solutions…

Hyun Song Shin

Economic Adviser and Head of Research, Monetary and Economic Department, BIS

”SUERF provides a rare setting where economists from academia, central banks and the private sector can debate cutting edge issues and reach insights that are much more than the sum of the individual contributions. Academic studies benefit from the richer institutional setting from practitioners and policymakers, while applied work benefits from the eye on detail and rigour that academics provide. I applaud SUERF’s efforts and expect it to contribute further to the development of the subject.”

Niels Christoffer Thygesen

Professor Emeritus, University of Copenhagen

“As one of the – fortunately numerous – academic economists with a keen interest in monetary policy and financial markets SUERF has provided a natural and greatly appreciated habitat since I joined in the 1970s. The high level of the information and the analysis presented at SUERF events and, even more, the opportunity to engage in contacts with policy makers and financial sector specialists, have been precious and well beyond what larger and more public events can offer.”

Sir Paul Tucker

Chair, Systematic Risk Council

“In bringing together academics, commentators and policymakers, SUERF’s events and publications help to improve the quality of public debate about stability and regulatory policy in Europe. That’s very important. I have been glad to be part of their efforts.”