Date Subject Member Announcement
8 Apr, 2024 Call for Papers Inflation, Inflation Expectations, and Policy: New Perspectives I Paper submission deadline: 31 May 2024 Bank of Italy I SUERF
4 Mar, 2024 Call for Papers Monetary and Financial History: Lessons for the 21st Century Sveriges Riksbank
22 Feb, 2024 Call for Papers 2024 CEBRA annual meeting: Call for Papers CEBRA
12 Feb, 2024 Report EIB Investment Report 2023/2024 EIB
31 Jan, 2024 Call for Papers AI in banking and finance I Deadline for application: 22 March 2024 UniCredit Foundation
31 Jan, 2024 Call for Papers The Central Bank of the Future: Opportunities and Challenges I Paper submission deadline: 13 March 2024 OeNB I SUERF
23 Jan, 2024 Job opening Researcher/senior researcher in ESG and climate risk – focus on insurance protection gap I Deadline for application: 15th February 2024 WU Vienna I Prof. Irene Monasterolo
19 Jan, 2024 Call for Papers Hyperinflation Financial history conference Magyar Nemzeti Bank
19 Jan, 2024 Call for Papers AI & Archives - Financial archives workshop, 13 June 2024 Magyar Nemzeti Bank