10th SUERF/UniCredit Foundation Research Prize "Crypto assets and decentralized finance – what way forward?"

The winners of the 10th SUERF/UniCredit Foundation Research Prize are:

Francesco Mazzola, PhD candidate, Finance Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University for his paper “Electronic Foreclosures”
Stefan Kitzler, Complexity Science Hub Vienna and AIT, Friedhelm Victor (TU Berlin), Pietro Saggese (Complexity Science Hub Vienna and AIT) for their paper “Disentangling Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Compositions”

9th SUERF/UniCredit Foundation Research Prize "Post-COVID non-performing loans"

The winners of the 9th SUERF/UniCredit Foundation Research Prize are:

Fabrizio Core (Erasmus University, ERIM, and Tinbergen Institute) and Filippo De Marco (Bocconi University and CEPR) for their paper “Public Guarantees for Small Businesses in Italy during Covid-19”.  Beniamino Pisicoli (University of Rome Tor Vergata) for his paper “Banking diversity, financial complexity and resilience to financial shocks: evidence from Italian provinces”. The authors presented their papers during the SUERF & UniCredit Foundation Workshop on 23 March 2022.

8th SUERF/UniCredit Foundation Research Prize "Savings behaviour in crisis and post-crisis times"

The winners of the 8th SUERF/UniCredit Foundation Prize are:

  • Ragnar Juelsrud & Ella Getz Wold (Norges Bank) for their paper “The Saving and Employment Effects of Higher Job Loss Risk”
  • Victor Degorce (PhD student at EHESS, European Business School) & Eric Monnet (Paris School of Economics, EHESS & CEPR) for their paper “The Great depression as a saving glut”.

The authors presented their papers at the SUERF & UniCredit Foundation Workshop on 22 April 2021.

7th SUERF/UniCredit Foundation Research Prize "Passive versus Active Asset Portfolio Management: Trends, Drivers, Risk"

The 7th SUERF/UniCredit Foundation Prize was awarded to (in alphabetical order):

Maxime Bonelli “Labor Mobility and Capital Misallocation“ Heiko Jacobs and Sebastian Mueller “Anomalies across the globe: Once public, no longer existent?”, Karamfil Todorov “Passive Investors Actively Impact Prices: Evidence from the Largest ETF Markets”. All winners were invited to present their papers at a conference held in Milan on 19 February 2020. For further details, please see our events section. CfP – 7th SUERF/UniCredit Research Prize

6th SUERF/UniCredit Foundation Research Prize "Green finance"

The 6th SUERF/UniCredit Foundation Research Prize was awarded to two outstanding papers (each of EUR 2,500) submitted to a Call for Papers on the topic of “Green finance”: Dejan Glavas, ESCP Europe, for his paper “How Do Equity Investors React to Green Bond Issuance Announcements?”, and Olivier David Zerbib, Tilburg University, for his paper “The effect of pro-environmental preferences on bond prices: Evidence from green bonds”. The papers were presented in a workshop at WU Wien (Vienna University of Economics and Business) on 24 January 2019.