SUERF welcomes your submission

Members of the Editorial Board are happy to discuss proposals with authors before a manuscript has been finalized, and even at an earlier stage. This offers the opportunity to make your research available to a wider audience and receive the editors’ feedback. Proposals for publications are assessed by the SUERF Editorial Board members, who come from renowned professional backgrounds. We try to respond promptly to authors, normally within a month. At the same time, authors are informed about possible changes suggested by members of the Editorial Board. One of the benefits of publication by SUERF is to make your paper accessible and visible through SUERF’s professional network.

Where to submit proposals

Authors are asked to send their manuscripts electronically to the SUERF Secretariat in Vienna at For more details how to submit a proposal, please consult Guidelines for Authors.

The current membership of the SUERF Editorial Board is:

Ernest Gnan, Oesterreichische Nationalbank
David Llewellyn,  Loughborough University
Donato Masciandaro,  Bocconi University
Natacha Valla, Sciences Po School of Management and Innovation