Date SUERF Marjolin Lectures
May 24, 2022
Inflation and Globalization
Harold James | Princeton University
Mar 29, 2019
The Euro Area: Staying the Course through Uncertainties
Hélène Rey | London Business School
Sep 15, 2017
Gaming the rules or ruling the game? – How to deal with regulatory arbitrage
Danièle Nouy | European Central Bank
Feb 04, 2016
How Central Banks Meet the Challenge of Low Inflation
Mario Draghi | European Central Bank
Jun 04, 2014
Sustaining Growth in the Short and Medium Term
Olivier Blanchard | IMF
Sep 05, 2012
Money and Banking in Times of Crisis
Lorenzo Bini Smaghi | Harvard University
May 11, 2011
New Paradigms in Central Banking
Athanasios Orphanides | Central Bank of Cyprus
Sep 03, 2009
On Monetary and Financial Stability – Past, Present and Future
José Viñals | IMF
Jun 13, 2008
Observations on Future Trends in Asset Management: Challenges and Opportunities
Robert C. Merton | Harvard Business School