About Robert Marjolin

Robert Marjolin (1911-1986) was one of the most distinguished European economists of his generation and a leading architect of post-war Europe. From 1948 until 1955 he was the first Secretary General of the OEEC (Organization for European Economic Co-operation). This organization was established to channel US Marshall Aid into the reconstruction of Europe. Marjolin was a leading negotiator of the Treaty of Rome for France and Vice President of the European Commission for finance and economics for 10 years. He served as a Professor of Economics at the University of Paris and the University of Nancy, and in the private sector as advisor to leading European and US Companies.

A list of past Marjolin Prize winners

Date Year Marjolin Prize Winners Paper
24 May 2022

Alistair Macaulay, University of Oxford

Heterogeneous information, subjective model beliefs, and the time-varying transmission of shocks
29 Mar 2019

Jorge Abad, CEMFI

Breaking the Feedback Loop: Macroprudential Regulation of Banks’ Sovereign Exposures
14 Sep 2017

Edouard Chrétien, ACPR, École Polytec...

Victor Lyonnet, HEC Paris, École Polyt...

Traditional and shadow banks during the crisis
2 Feb 2016

Sascha Steffen, University of Mannheim

Josef A. Korte, Goethe University Frank...

Zero Risk Contagion: Banks' Sovereign Exposure and Sovereign Risk Spillovers
4 Jun 2014

Alessandro Scopelliti, University of Wa...

Securitisation and Bank Capital in European Banking: Does Regulation affect Risk Retention Decisions?
6 Sep 2012

Andrew R. Gimber, European University I...

Bank Resolotion Reform as a Commitment Device Against Bailouts
12 May 2011

Stefan Kerbl, Oesterreichische National...

Regulatory medicine against financial market instability: What helps and what hurts? marjolin image
4 Sep 2009

Marie Hoerova, European Central Bank

Liquidity Hoarding and Interbank Market Spreads: The Role of Counterparty Risk marjolin image
14 Jun 2008

Tobias Berg, University of Munich

Linking Credit Risk Premia to the Equity Premium
14 Oct 2006

Vincenzo Galasso, IGIER, Bocconi Univer...

Postponing Retirement: The Political Push of Aging marjolin image
16 Oct 2004

Michael Koetter, Boston Consulting Group

The Magnitude of Distortions when Measuring Bank Efficiency with Misspecified Input Prices marjolin image
14 Jun 2003

Alicia Garcia-Herrero, Banco de España

Pedro del Rio, Banco de España

Implications of the Design of Monetary Policy for Financial Stability marjolin image