Submissions for the SUERF Studies

Guidelines for authors - for submissions of extended papers for consideration as SUERF Studies

SUERF welcomes the submission of manuscripts for possible publication in the SUERF Studies series. The objective of the series is to contribute informed analysis of monetary and financial issues and related areas. All submissions are refereed by the Editorial Board, whose membership is determined by the Council of Management and/or by external referees. The normal format is that Studies are longer than articles submitted to refereed academic journals, but shorter than books. The Editorial Board may require revisions to manuscripts. The Board aims for a speedy decision on each submitted manuscript. The following guidelines have been established by the Council:

- The subject matter of Studies should ideally be of interest to members of SUERF’s three constituencies – the academic community, financial market practitioners and central bankers.

- Manuscripts must not have been published elsewhere. If a paper is submitted which has earlier been accessible as a working paper on the website of an institution or a university, this should be stated when the paper is submitted, though prior circulation on the internet does not preclude publication by SUERF.

- The analysis in the main body of the text should not be excessively technical. Technical material can be included as an Appendix

- The number of printed pages of Studies should normally be between 40 and 80 (Corresponding approximately to between 15,000 and 30,000 words.) SUERF is particularly interested in publishing high quality papers that are too long for inclusion as articles in academic journals.

- Manuscripts should be sent by the authors to the SUERF Secretariat in Vienna which will distribute them to the members of the Editorial Board. Submissions should be made electronically, as a Microsoft Word document or .pdf file. Please note that if accepted the text will be required in an editable format for the layout process.

- Members of the Editorial Board are obliged to send their comments to the Chairman of the Board at the latest one month after the Secretariat has distributed the manuscript to them.

- Having received comments from the members of the Editorial Board, the Managing Editor and Chairman of the Editorial Board communicates with the author(s) or requests the Secretariat to inform the author(s) and the Board members of the decision made. At the same time, authors are informed about possible changes that have been suggested by members of the Board.

- It is the task of the Secretariat to publish approved manuscripts as soon as possible in paper form and electronically. The Studies are distributed to SUERF members. The Secretariat and Council of Management may also distribute them to a wider readership. The Studies will be made available on the SUERF website, with hard copies also being available to purchase.

- Copyright will be transferred to SUERF. Re-publication can be negotiated with SUERF and will normally be granted provided that the name SUERF and the permission given by SUERF are indicated on the front page of the publication.

- Authors will receive ten copies of their published Study and additional copies may be negotiated with the Secretariat.

How to submit a paper

Authors wishing to submit a paper for potential publication are invited to send their manuscript either by e-mail or in two copies to the Chairman of the Editorial Board/SUERF Managing Editor  or to the SUERF Secretariat.