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Thursday, June 20, 2024

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AI and notably GenAI promise multiple use cases in banks and financial firms, and many financial firms are already actively working on integrating them in various business areas. This development will have far-reaching implications for banks’ and other financial firms’ business, including the form how services are provided, the scale and type of employment in the banking and finance industry, competition among financial service providers and the financial sector’s profitability. The use of GenAI will also have important implications for customers’ user experience. The link between digital literacy and financial inclusion will require particular attention. Financial firms also have to face resulting challenges for data protection across multiple jurisdictions and in line with the upcoming European AI act. At the system level, the spreading of AI may have implications for financial stability, to which financial regulation and supervision will have to respond adequately.


Thursday, 20 June 2024
Welcome and opening address
Robert Zadrazil, Country Manager, UniCredit Bank Austria AG
Christoph Bornschein, Cofounder and Chairman TLGG
Presentation of Winning Papers & Discussion I 11th SUERF I UniCredit Foundation Research Award

Maximally Machine-Learnable Portfolios

Maximilian Goebel, Bocconi University

Co-author: Philippe Goulet Coulombe, Université du Québec

Bank Manager Sentiment, Excessive Loan Growth and Under-Estimated Risk

Thibault Cézanne, ZEW Mannheim

Co-author: Frank Brueckbauer, ZEW Mannheim

Moderated by Ernest Gnan, Secretary General, SUERF
Panel: AI in Banking and Finance

Artificial Intelligence – Intelligent enough for the real world?

Rainer Glaser, Partner, Financial Services & Digital, Oliver Wyman

How and where to deploy AI for benefit in commercial banking

Paul Greenan, Client Lead Partner, Banking and Global Lead for Digital Banking, KPMG

AI in Banking: AI will be an incremental game changer

Miriam Fernandez, Director, AI Research specialist, Analytical Innovation, S&P Global

Intelligent financial system: How AI is transforming finance

Vatsala Shreeti, Economist, Bank for International Settlements
Moderated by Pradeep Chelpati, Group Chief Data and AI Officer, UniCredit
Networking Lunch