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Wednesday, September 18, 2024

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This conference, jointly organized by the OeNB, SUERF, JVI, and the Yale Program on Financial Stability, takes stock of key risks to financial stability and focuses on increasing the resilience of the financial system as well as on successful and less successful financial crisis intervention strategies. Topics include (i) how to bolster financial sector resilience and address vulnerabilities, (ii) how to contain financial stress and bank runs in a world of digital banking and social media, (iii) how to manage trade-offs involved in crisis interventions and (iv) how to best address a crisis-related surge in distressed assets. The conference brings together speakers with extensive experience in policy making, crisis management or policy-oriented research in the respective areas

Confirmed speakers (Speakers are listed in alphabetical order)
Stijn Claessens, Yale University I Andreas Dombret, Oliver Wyman I Maximilian Fandl, JVI I Gottfried Haber, OeNB I Alexandra Habeler-Drabek, Erste Group Bank I Pablo Hernández de Cos, Banco de España I Cornelia Holthausen, ECB I Robert Holzmann, OeNB I Miha Leber, ECB I Andrew Metrick, Yale University I Alessandra Perrazzelli, Banca d’Italia I June Rhee, Yale University I Fernando Restoy, BIS I Natasha Sarin, Yale University I Markus Schwaiger, OeNB I Jeremy Stein, Harvard  University I Ioannis Tsikripis, Bank of Greece I Boris Vujčić, Hrvatska Narodna Banka I Oliver Wünsch, Oliver Wyman

Scientific coordination: Maximilian Fandl, JVI I Ernest Gnan, SUERF I Markus Schwaiger, OeNB I Christian McNamara, Yale School of Management

Further information will follow.