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Date Title Author(s)
14 Jun, 2024 Institutional Investment and Residential Rental Market Dynamics
Policy Brief

Barra McCarthy | Central Bank of Ireland

14 Mar, 2024 Housing in the monetary crosshairs: a tale of regional supply constraints
Policy Brief

Bruno Albuquerque | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Martin Iseringhausen | European Stability Mechanism (ESM)

Frederic Opitz | European Commission

29 Feb, 2024 Liquidity Constraints and Demand for Maturity: The Case of Mortgages
Policy Brief

Alessandro Ferrari | European Central Bank (ECB)

Marco Loseto | University of Chicago

22 Feb, 2024 Why we need a green land-value tax and how to design it
Policy Brief

John Muellbauer | University of Oxford

12 Jan, 2024 Measuring the affordability of houses for first time buyers
Policy Brief

Gerard Eijsink | De Nederlandsche Bank

Dorinth van Dijk | De Nederlandsche Bank

12 Jan, 2024 A new dataset on housing affordability
Policy Brief

Nina Biljanovska | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Chenxu Fu | University of Tokyo

Deniz Igan | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

30 Nov, 2023 Easier said than done: Predicting downside risks to house prices in Croatia
Policy Brief

Tihana Škrinjarić | Bank of England

Maja Sabol | European Parliament

19 Oct, 2023 The Mortgage Servicing Channel: Understanding Monetary Policy Transmission through Shadow Banks
Policy Brief

Isha Agarwal | University of British Columbia

Malin Hu | Vanderbilt University

Raluca A. Roman | Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Keling Zheng | University of British Columbia

19 Oct, 2023 Mortgage borrowing caps: leverage, default, and welfare
Policy Brief

Joao Oliveira | Nova School of Business and Economics

Leonor Queiro | Banco de Portugal

19 Oct, 2023 Asset Prices, Collateral and Bank Lending - The Case of Covid-19 and Real Estate
Policy Brief

Aoife Horan | European Central Bank (ECB)

Barbara Jarmulska | European Central Bank (ECB)

Ellen Ryan | European Central Bank (ECB)

14 Sep, 2023 How asymmetries of information can amplify house price shocks to the supply of mortgage credit?
Policy Brief

Salomón García | Banco de España

27 Jul, 2023 House price expectations and inflation expectations: Evidence from survey data
Policy Brief

Vedanta Dhamija | University of Surrey

Ricardo Nunes | University of Surrey

Roshni Tara | University of Surrey

25 May, 2023 Lessons from forecast averaging residential investment
Policy Brief

Carlos Canizares Martinez | National Bank of Slovakia

Gabe de Bondt | European Central Bank (ECB)

Arne Gieseck | National Bank of Slovakia

27 Apr, 2023 House prices and ultra-low interest rates: Exploring the non-linear nexus
Policy Brief

Daniel Dieckelmann | European Central Bank (ECB)

Hannah S. Hempell | European Central Bank (ECB)

Barbara Jarmulska | European Central Bank (ECB)

Jan Hannes Lang | European Central Bank (ECB)

Marek Rusnak | European Central Bank (ECB)

6 Apr, 2023 Leaning against the Global Financial Cycle
Policy Brief

Andrea Ferrero | University of Oxford

Maurizio Michael Habib | European Central Bank (ECB)

Livio Stracca | European Central Bank (ECB)

Fabrizio Venditti | Bank of Italy

6 Apr, 2023 Loose Monetary Policy and Financial Instability
Policy Brief

Maximilian Grimm | University of Bonn

Oscar Jorda | Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Moritz Schularick | University of Bonn

Alan M. Taylor | Columbia University

30 Mar, 2023 Technology and Asset Liquidations: Evidence from Real Estate Collateral
Policy Brief

Francesco Mazzola | Erasmus University Rotterdam

2 Mar, 2023 Navigating the housing channel of monetary policy across euro area regions
Policy Brief

Niccolo Battistini | European Central Bank (ECB)

Matteo Falagiarda | European Central Bank (ECB)

Angelina Hackmann | Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE

Moreno Roma | European Central Bank (ECB)

9 Feb, 2023 Borrower-based regulations push housing demand towards the suburbs
Policy Brief

Rikke Rhode Nissen | Danmarks Nationalbank

Alessandro Tang-Andersen Martinello | Danmarks Nationalbank

Simon Juul Hviid | Danmarks Nationalbank

Christian Sinding Bentzen | Danmarks Nationalbank

29 Sep, 2022 Objectified Housing Sales and Rent Prices in Representative Household Surveys: the Impact on Macroeconomic Statistics
Policy Brief

Denisa Naidin | Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research

Sofie R. Waltl | Vienna University of Economics and Business

Michael H. Ziegelmeyer | Banque centrale du Luxembourg

7 Jul, 2022 The impact of energy efficiency on Belgian house prices
Policy Brief

Peter Reusens | National Bank of Belgium

Frank Vastmans | KU Leuven

Sven Damen | University of Antwerp

25 May, 2022 Mortgage debt relief after economic shocks: lessons from the pandemic
Policy Brief

Edward Gaffney | Central Bank of Ireland

Fergal McCann | Central Bank of Ireland

Johannes Stroebel | New York University Stern School of Business

12 May, 2022 The effect of introducing a Loan-to-Value limit on homeownership
Policy Brief

Cindy Biesenbeek | De Nederlandsche Bank

Mauro Mastrogiacomo | De Nederlandsche Bank

Rob Alessie | University of Groningen

Jakob de Haan | University of Groningen

24 Mar, 2022 Rising rent burdens following distorting investment incentives – The effects of rent controls in Germany
Policy Brief

Vera Baye | University of Osnabrueck

Valeriya Dinger | University of Osnabrueck

24 Feb, 2022 House Prices and Misallocation: The Impact of the Collateral Channel on Productivity
Policy Brief

Sergi Basco | Universitat de Barcelona

David Lopez-Rodriguez | Banco de España

Enrique Moral-Benito | Banco de España

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