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6 Jun, 2024 Geoeconomic fragmentation and firms’ financial performance
Policy Brief

Alessandro D'Orazio | Bank of Italy

Fabrizio Ferriani | Bank of Italy

Andrea Gazzani | Bank of Italy

6 Jun, 2024 Productivity in the face of climate change
Policy Brief

Gert Bijnens | National Bank of Belgium

31 May, 2024 A disorderly transition with risks of delay
Policy Brief

Alessia Berardi | Amundi Investment Institute

Monica Defend | Amundi Investment Institute

Annalisa Usardi | Amundi Investment Institute

23 May, 2024 Bank-level competition: new measure and applications
Policy Brief

Michiel van Leuvensteijn | Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment - Government of the Netherlands

Ivan Huljak | Croatian National Bank

Gabe de Bondt | European Central Bank (ECB)

10 May, 2024 The impact of macroeconomic and monetary policy shocks on credit risk in the euro area corporate sector
Policy Brief

Marco Lo Duca | European Central Bank (ECB)

Diego Moccero | European Central Bank (ECB)

Fabio Parlapiano | Bank of Italy

3 May, 2024 Progress on CMU is instrumental to leverage shock absorption through capital markets
Policy Brief

Natalia Martín Fuentes | European Central Bank (ECB)

Alexandra Born | European Central Bank (ECB)

Franziska Bremus | DIW Berlin

Wieger Kastelein |

Claudia Lambert | European Central Bank (ECB)

18 Apr, 2024 Global supply chain reorientation is inflationary and entails substantial adjustment
Policy Brief

Daragh Clancy | Central Bank of Ireland

Donal Smith | OECD

Vilém Valenta | European Central Bank (ECB)

18 Apr, 2024 Long-Term Uncertainty: Does it Matter for the Business Cycle?
Policy Brief

Mathias Krogh | Aarhus University

Giovanni Pellegrino | University of Padova

18 Apr, 2024 Do fiscal rules contribute to fiscal discipline and fiscal adjustment
Policy Brief

Christos Chrysanthakopoulos | University of Patras

Athanasios Tagkalakis | Bank of Greece

12 Apr, 2024 Firms’ debt structure matters for monetary policy transmission
Policy Brief

Marie Alder | European University Institute (EUI)

Nuno Coimbra | Banque de France

Urszula Szczerbowicz | Banque de France

12 Apr, 2024 Financial stability considerations in the conduct of monetary policy
Policy Brief

Paul Bochmann | European Central Bank (ECB)

Daniel Dieckelmann | European Central Bank (ECB)

Stephan Fahr | European Central Bank (ECB)

Josef Ruzicka | Nazarbayev University

28 Mar, 2024 Changing Patterns of Risk-Sharing Channels in the United States and the Euro Area
Policy Brief

Jacopo Cimadomo | European Central Bank (ECB)

Massimo Giuliodori | University of Amsterdam

Andras Lengyel | Bank of England

Haroon Mumtaz | Queen Mary University of London

28 Mar, 2024 Opening up the macroeconomic toolbox of NGFS climate scenarios for the euro area
Policy Brief

Matthieu Darracq Pariès | European Central Bank (ECB)

Stéphane Dees | Banque de France

Annabelle de Gaye | Banque de France

Laura Parisi | European Central Bank (ECB)

Yiqiao Sun | European Central Bank (ECB)

21 Mar, 2024 Imbalances in the Current Account of the Greek Economy: Causes and Policy Recommendations
Policy Brief

Zacharias Bragoudakis | Bank of Greece

21 Mar, 2024 Stranded Capital in Production Networks: Implications for the Economy of the Euro Area
Policy Brief

Patrick Grüning | Bank of Latvia

Zeynep Kantur | Başkent University

21 Mar, 2024 The U.S. Economy Bucks The Global Trend
Policy Brief

Paul Gruenwald | S&P Global Ratings

Sylvain Broyer | S&P Global Ratings

Louis Kuijs | S&P Global Ratings

Elijah Oliveros-Rosen | S&P Global Ratings

Satyam Panday | S&P Global Ratings

8 Mar, 2024 A Human Capital Explanation of Real Business Cycles
Policy Brief

Szilard Benk | Corvinus University of Budapest

Tamas Csabafi | University of Missouri – St. Louis

Jing Dang | State Grid Corporation of China

Max Gillman | University of Missouri – St. Louis

Michal Kejak | CERGE-EI

29 Feb, 2024 How Inflation Volatility matters for the Pass-Through of Supply Shocks to Consumer Prices
Policy Brief

Sarah Arndt | Heidelberg University

Zeno Enders | Heidelberg University

29 Feb, 2024 GDP revisions are not cool: the impact of statistical agencies’ trade-off
Policy Brief

Stylianos Asimakopoulos | Brunel University

Magdalena Lalik | European Central Bank (ECB)

Joan Paredes | European Central Bank (ECB)

José Salvado García | European Central Bank (ECB)

22 Feb, 2024 Population Aging and the Output Cost of Monetary Tightening
Policy Brief

Gene Ambrocio | Bank of Finland

8 Feb, 2024 Who Gets Jobs Matters: Monetary Policy and the Labour Market in HANK and SAM
Policy Brief

Uroš Herman | Aix-Marseille University

Matija Lozej | Central Bank of Ireland

8 Feb, 2024 Institutional shareholding, common ownership and productivity: a cross-country analysis
Policy Brief

Maria Bas | Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Lilas Demmou | OECD

Guido Franco | OECD

Javier Garcia-Bernardo | Utrecht University

26 Jan, 2024 The distribution and use of Italian households’ savings after the pandemic
Policy Brief

Andrea Colabella | Bank of Italy

Elisa Guglielminetti | Bank of Italy

Concetta Rondinelli | Bank of Italy

26 Jan, 2024 The short term effects of structural reforms and institutional improvements in OECD economies
Policy Brief

Christos Mavrogiannis | University of Patras

Athanasios Tagkalakis | Bank of Greece

12 Jan, 2024 Financial Conditions in Europe: Drivers, Dynamics, and Macroeconomic Implications
Policy Brief

Giovanni Borraccia | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Raphael Espinoza | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Vincenzo Guzzo | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Fuda Jiang | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Romain Lafarguette | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Vina Nguyen | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Miguel Angel Segoviano | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Phillippe Wingender | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

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