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22 May, 2023 hybrid, Vienna Monetary policy in uncertain times: Towards robustness and resilience

E. Gnan, K. Klieber, C. Kwapil, K. Rieder, F. Rumler, M. Salish, M. Valderrama, T. Zörner

23 May, 2022 hybrid, Vienna The Return of Inflation

E. Gnan, K. Rieder, T. Messner, F. Rumler, M. Salish

3 Feb, 2022 online Macroeconomic models for monetary policy: State of play and way forward

E.Gnan, M. Darracq Paries, J. Kilponen, A. Notarpietro

12 Jan, 2022 hybrid, Luxenbourg Accelerating transformation


19 Oct, 2021 online Monetary Policy Approaches: A Comparative Appraisal

A. Gulan, M. Juselius, E. Jokivuolle, M. Sihvonen

21 Jan, 2021 online Europe: Smart and Green


16 Jun, 2020 online The International Role of the Euro: has COVID-19 affected the outlook?

Ernest Gnan

8 Jan, 2020 Amsterdam Forging a new future between the UK and the EU

J. de Haan, E. Gnan, M. Marcussen, Y. Selfin

26 Nov, 2019 Luxembourg Striving for competitiveness and inclusion: what policies for Europe?

F. Betz, Á. Gereben, M. Kollár, P. McGoldrick, D. Rueckert, S. Savsek, M. Wolski, P. Wruuck

15 Nov, 2019 Brussels Cross border financial services: Europe’s Cinderella?

F. Lierman, C. Bourgeois, J. Vermaut

19 Sep, 2019 Helsinki Post-crisis policy challenges and implications for macro modelling

E. Gnan and E. Jokivuolle

20 May, 2019 Frankfurt Cash on Trial

C. Beer, E. Gnan, U. Birchler

2 May, 2019 Vienna European Economic and Monetary Union: The first and the next 20 years

M. Balling, E. Gnan, P. Warum

28 Mar, 2019 Paris The Euro Area: Staying the Course through Uncertainties

David T. Llewellyn

15 Feb, 2019 Warsaw Challenges of Interactions between Macroprudential and other Policies

R. Kokoszczyński, M. Pipień

28 Nov, 2018 Luxembourg Investment, Technological Transformation and Skills

M. Andersson, A. Brasili, R. Tilson, P. Wruuck, C. Weiss

30 Oct, 2018 Madrid Financial Disintermediation and the Future of the Banking Sector

R. Gimeno, S. Mayordomo, M. Rodríguez-Moreno

20 Sep, 2018 New York Sustainable Policy Responses: EU and US Perspectives

E. Gnan, T.Latic, T.Trufea, D.Seo, A.K. Puthenveettil

14 Sep, 2018 Brussels 10 Years after the start of the financial crisis: Contours of a new normal

F. Lierman

7 Jun, 2018 Milan Do we need central bank digital currency? Economics, Technology and Institutions

E. Gnan, D. Masciandaro

4 May, 2018 Vienna Green finance, regulation and monetary policy

E. Campiglio, E. Gnan, I. Monasterolo

10 Apr, 2018 London Monetary policy normalisation: scenarios and risks

E. Gnan, T. Huertas, P. Jackson, C. Wyplosz

23 Nov, 2017 Luxembourg Investment and Investment Finance

T. Bending, A. Kolev, B. Marchitto, D. Revoltella

14 Sep, 2017 Helsinki Shadow Banking: Financial Intermediation beyond Banks

E. Jokivuolle

8 Jun, 2017 Milan New Challenges in Central Banking: Monetary Policy Governance and Macroprudential Issues

E. Gnan, D. Masciandaro

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