Date Type Conference Report by
29 May, 2017 Vienna The Financial System of the Future

C. Beer, E. Gnan, M. Mayer

23 Feb, 2017 London Brexit and the Implications for Financial Services

M. Balling, E. Gnan, P. Jackson

9 Dec, 2016 Brussels FinTech and the Future of Retail Banking

M. Balling, C. Bourgeois, F.Lierman, J. Vermaut

17 Nov, 2016 Luxembourg Financing Productivity Growth in Europe

L. Maurin, A.Kolev

16 Sep, 2016 Paris Rethinking Capital Controls and Capital Flows

M. Balling

14 Apr, 2016 Milan Central banking and monetary policy: Which will be the new normal?

E. Gnan, D. Masciandaro

3 Feb, 2016 Frankfurt The SSM at 1

J. Ulbrich, C-Ch.Hedrich, M.Balling

3 Dec, 2015 London Banking Reform

P. Jackson, C. Wyplosz

3 Jul, 2015 Helsinki Liquidity and Market Efficiency – Alive and Well?

E. Jokivuolle

11 Mar, 2015 Vienna Asset-liability management with ultra-low interest rates

C. Beer, E. Gnan

11 Dec, 2014 Vienna Reregulation of the financial sector – economic consequences, costs and benefits

E. Gnan

14 Nov, 2014 Madrid Challenges in Securities and Markets Regulation: Investor Protection and Corporate Governance

E. Gnan, M. Balling

3 Jul, 2014 Reykjavik Post-Crisis Recovery and the Reconstruction of the Financial Sector

E. Gnan

4 Jun, 2014 Milan Money, Regulation and Growth: Financing New Growth in Europe

M. Balling, M.Quintyn, F.Lierman, D.Masciandaro

13 Mar, 2014 London Two ends of the spectrum - the challenges of risk management and effective resolution

P. Jackson, M. Balling

12 Dec, 2013 Vienna Banking and Financial Markets between Integration and Segmentation after the Crisis

22 Nov, 2013 Paris The Financial Reconstruction of Europe

M. Balling, A. Duchâteau, E.Gnan

4 Oct, 2013 Amsterdam The value of banks and their business models to society

L. Treur

13 Jun, 2013 Helsinki Banking after regulatory reforms - business as usual?

E. Jokivuolle

15 Nov, 2012 Copenhagen Property Prices and Real Estate Financing in a Turbulent World

Morten Balling, Jesper Berg

5 Sep, 2012 Zürich States, Banks, and the Financing of the Economy

M. Balling, E.Gnan

18 Jun, 2012 Vienna The Interaction of Political, Fiscal and Financial Stability: Lessons from the Crisis

E. Gnan

8 Mar, 2012 London Future Risks and Fragilities for Financial Stability

S. Pagliari

22 Sep, 2011 Helsinki The Future of Risk Management

E. Gnan, E. Jokivuolle

8 Sep, 2011 Berlin The ESRB at 1

S. Gerlach, E. Gnan, J. Ulbrich

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