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Gender, money and finance
Gender, money and finance

SUERF/JVI/OeNB Conference

Gender, money and finance - 1st Vienna Economic Dialogue


Date: Thursday, 20 May 2021
Friday, 21 May 2021
13:50-17:15 CET
14:00-17:15 CET
Venue: Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Otto-Wagner-Platz 3, 1090 Vienna · Online Webex  

The event is planned both with limited attendance by invitation only, onsite at the Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Otto-Wagner-Platz 3, 1090 Vienna, Kassensaal, and online via Webex. Concrete modalities will be adjusted in line with health conditions and prevailing regulations.

This conference deals with selected gender-related topics in money and finance: Does gender diversity affect economic outcomes? Would a more balanced gender mix in policy institutions such as central banks make for different or better decisions? Would a balanced gender mix in financial firms make the financial system safer? How does gender affect inflation perceptions? How does gender affect financial literacy, and what are the implications?

Scientific Committee
Ernest Gnan, OeNB and SUERF, Hervé Joly, JVI, and Doris Ritzberger-Grünwald, OeNB

Confirmed speakers (in order of appearance)
Kristalina Georgieva, IMF
Christine Lagarde, ECB
Renée B. Adams, University of Oxford
Sylvie Goulard, Banque de France
Paola Profeta, Bocconi University
Jorgovanka Tabaković, National Bank of Serbia
Khlood Aldukheil, Erteqa Financial Company
Gerda Holzinger-Burgstaller, Erste Bank Österreich
Becci McKinley Rowe, Blackrock
Julie A. Nelson, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Sylvia Kritzinger, University of Vienna
Annamaria Lusardi, George Washington University School of Business
Angelika Sommer-Hemetsberger, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank

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