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Date Title Author(s)
18 Jan, 2024 Surging interest rates: Higher surrender payouts affect life insurers’ liquidity risk
Policy Brief

Christian Kubitza | European Central Bank (ECB)

Nicolaus Grochola | Goethe University Frankfurt

Helmut Gründl | Goethe University Frankfurt

7 Dec, 2023 Pension Reform and Saving Behaviour: How Much Does Voluntary Saving Go Down When Mandatory Saving Goes Up?
Policy Brief

Svend E. Hougaard | Copenhagen Business School

Sigurdur P. Olafsson | Copenhagen Business School

Arnaldur Stefansson | University of Iceland

Thorsteinn S. Sveinsson | Central Bank of Iceland

Gylfi Zoega | University of Iceland

19 Aug, 2021 Have scale effects on cost margins of pension fund investment portfolios disappeared?
Policy Brief

Jacob A. Bikker | De Nederlandsche Bank

Jeroen J. Meringa | De Nederlandsche Bank

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