Friday, June 24, 2022

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Friday, 24 June 2022
Opening remarks
Governor, Robert Holzmann (OeNB) and Vice-President, Amelie Gross (WKÖ),

Current developments in the economy and in foreign trade

  • Klaus Vondra (OeNB): Current development of world trade and the Austrian Economy (pdf)
  • Barbara Tasch-Ronner (WKÖ): Recent developments in EU trade policy (pdf)
  • Leonhard Pertl (WKÖ): Austria‘s foreign trade in goods – recent developments
  • Patricia Walter (OeNB): Austria’s international trade in services (walter)
Panel: Reglobalisation: Changing patterns
Moderation: Christoph Schneider, Economica

Entrepreneurship and technologies in tomorrow’s global trade system

  • Luisa Santos (BusinessEurope): European business in a changing political and economic environment
  • Lisandra Flach (ifo): Sourcing Strategies in Response to COVID-19: Evidence from German Firms
  • Luca Marcolin (OECD): The Provisions of Service in Global Value Chains (pdf)
  • Mark Purdy (Purdy&Associates): Next-generation technologies and the future of global trade (pdf)
  • Zach Meyers (CER): Will retail central bank digital currencies unlock cross-border payments?
  • Martina F. Ferracane (EUI): Regulating Personal Data: Data Models and Digital Services Trade

Climate protection, scarce resources and international trade

  • Klaas Lenaerts (Bruegel): Fighting climate change requires strong green growth policies and trade, not degrowth (pdf)
  • Stefan P. Schleicher (Universität Graz): Trade and Climate – The Disrupted Nexus
  • Martin Menner (cep): “Carbon Leakage-Proof” Climate Clubs (pdf)
  • Jan Atteslander (economiesuisse): Sustainability and International Trade: How to reinforce (pdf)

Public policy landscape

  • Robert B. Koopman (WTO): The multilateral trading system and trade cooperation in a time of great change and stress
  • Matthias Diermeier (iw Köln): How current megatrends shape the patters of international trade, capital flows and technology diffusion (pdf)
  • Tim Joris Kaiser (EC Representation AT): Asserting sovereignty: EU policy instruments to support open and fair global ties
  • Sophia Kluge (AHK Serbien), Olga van Zijverden (DIHK), Branmir Jovanovic (wiiw): Near-shoring perspectives in the post-pandemic world and the implications for the Western Balkans (pdf)
  • Dan Steinbock (Difference Group): Great Powers and Globalisation: Spotlight on the United States and China
  • William A. Reinsch (CSIS): China as Best Customer and Biggest Threat – Trade Policy in the Biden Era
  • Elisabeth Christen (WIFO): America is back – opportunities and challenges for reviving international cooperation (pdf)
  • Lisandro Abrego (IMF): The African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement
  • Nina Vujanovic (WIIW): The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement and its economic implications (pdf)