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2000 Colloquium Volumes The Euro - A challenge and opportunity for financial markets

Michael Artis, Axel Weber, Elizabeth Hennessy

1999 Studies 5 The New Economics of Banking

David T. Llewellyn

1998 Studies 4 Towards an Understanding of the Changing Structure of Financial Intermediation: An Evolutionary Theory of Institutional Survival

Joseph Bisignano

1998 Studies 3 Corporate Governance in Central and Eastern Europe: Transition management is a tough job

Debora Revoltella, Peter R. Haiss, Gerhard Fink

1998 Colloquium Volumes Corporate Governance, Financial Markets and Global Convergence

Morten Balling, Elizabeth Hennessy, Richard O’Brien

1997 Studies 2 Does Sweden Need a Mandatory Bid Rule? A Critical Analysis

Rolf Skog

1997 Studies 1 Governance of stakeholder relationships: The German and Dutch experience

George M.M. Gelauff, Corina den Broed

1996 Colloquium Volumes Risk Management in Volatile Financial Markets

Franco Bruni, Donald E. Fair, Richard O’Brien

1994 Colloquium Volumes The Competitiveness of Financial Institutions and Centres in Europe

Donald E. Fair, Robert J. Raymond

1993 Colloquium Volumes The New Europe: Evolving Economic and Financial Systems in East and West

Donald E. Fair, Robert J. Raymond

1992 Colloquium Volumes Fiscal Policy, Taxation and the Financial System in an Increasingly Integrated Europe

Donald E. Fair, Christian de Boissieu

1990 Colloquium Volumes Financial Institutions in Europe under New Competitive Conditions

Donald E. Fair, Christian de Boissieu

1989 Colloquium Volumes The International Adjustment Process - New Perspectives, Recent Experience and Future Challenges for the Financial System

D.E. Fair, C. de Boissieu

1988 Colloquium Volumes International Monetary and Financial Integration - The European Dimension

D.E. Fair, C. de Boissieu

1986 Colloquium Volumes Shifting Frontiers in Financial Markets

Donald E. Fair

1984 Colloquium Volumes Government Policies and the Working of Financial Systems in Industrialized Countries

D.E. Fair, F. Léonard de Juvigny

1983 Colloquium Volumes International Lending in a Fragile World Economy

D.E. Fair, R. Bertrand

1981 Colloquium Volumes Europe and the Dollar in the World-Wide Disequilibrium

J.R. Sargent

1979 Colloquium Volumes New Approaches in Monetary Policy

John E. Wadsworth, François Léonard de Juvigny

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