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Interests and alliances

Author(s): Klaas Knot

Date published: Feb 2020

SUERF Policy Note, Issue No 128
by Klaas Knot, De Nederlandsche Bank

JEL-codes: F10, F15, G18.
Keywords: Brexit, trade, financial services, regulation, green finance, inequality.

The SUERF Conference „Forging a new future between the UK and the EU“ on 8 January 2020 brought together thought leaders from policy making, academia and industry, to discuss the economic implications of some of the challenges uncovered by Brexit and other recent events on both sides of the Channel. Because the conference was held at De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam, Klaas Knot was invited for an opening keynote speech. In it, Mr Knot offered an optimistic view on the future relationship between the UK and the EU, based on the shared interests and the current and possible future alliances.

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Interests and alliancesInterests and alliances

Interests and alliancesWeb version: Interests and alliances

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