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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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Brexit marks an unprecedented event in European history and while the United Kingdom has often been portrayed as holding back Europe, the reality is, that in several key areas, the UK has been on the forefront, notably pushing for deregulation, flexibility and deeper market integration. Moreover, when it comes to finance, London has a long history as Europe’s main financial centre. This conference aims to bring together thought leaders from policy making, academia and industry to discuss the economic implications of some of the challenges uncovered by Brexit and other recent events on both sides of the Channel.

Scientific Coordination: Jakob De Haan, De Nederlandsche Bank and SUERF, Ernest Gnan, Oesterreichische National Bank and SUERF, Michala Marcussen, Société Générale and SUERF, Yael Selfin, NIESR

VoxTalks: Will there be a post-Brexit financial services deal?
At the SEURF conference in Amsterdam, David Miles and Iain Begg explain to Tim Phillips what”s at stake in the negotiations, and who would suffer most if there”s no deal.


Wednesday, 8 January 2020
Registration and Coffee
Welcome and Opening Remarks

Interests and alliances

Klaas Knot, President, De Nederlandsche Bank
Session 1: Climate Change
Address: Financing the low-carbon transition
Dirk Schoenmaker, Professor, RSM, Erasmus University Rotterdam I SUERF Fellow presentation
Panel 1: Climate Change
Chair: Michala Marcussen, Group Chief Economist, Société Générale I SUERF Vice President
Aerdt Houben, Director Financial Markets, De Nederlandsche Bank
Heather Gibson, Director, Economic Analysis and Research Department, Bank of Greece

Greening Monetary Policy

Dirk Schoenmaker, Professor, RSM, Erasmus University Rotterdam I SUERF Fellow presentation
Coffee break
Session 2: Inequality - Securing better opportunities for regions
Address: Regional inequality in the UK

Spatial Inequality

Andy Haldane, Chief Economist, Bank of England and Chair of the Government’s Industrial Strategy Council presentation
Panel 2: Tackling regional inequality
Chair: Yael Selfin, Chief Economist, KPMG I Research Fellow, NIESR

Regional Inequality

Charles Goodhart, Emeritus Professor, LSE I SUERF Fellow presentation

EU wide income inequality and regional development

Zsolt Darvas, Senior Fellow, Bruegel presentation

Tackling regional inequality in the UK

Joaquim Oliveira Martins, Deputy Director, OECD presentation
Anthony Venables, Professor of Economics, Oxford University
Session 3: London, the Euro area and the global financial system
Address: Europe’s role in the global financial system
Luis de Guindos, Vice-President, European Central Bank
Address: How can the City best benefit the EU post Brexit?
David Miles, Professor, Imperial College Business School presentation
Panel 3: The international role of the European financial system
Chair: Jakob de Haan, SUERF President and De Nederlandsche Bank

London, the euro and the international role of the european financial system

Iain Begg, Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science presentation
Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, Chairman, Société Générale

International role of the European financial system: a macroprudential perspective

Richard Portes, Professor of Economics, London Business School presentation

International role of the European financial system through the lens of the Triennial Survey

Phil Wooldridge, Head of Financial Markets, Bank for International Settlements presentation
End of Conference