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Bank business models: time to act

Author(s): Rudi Vander Vennet

Date published: Dec 2018

SUERF Policy Note, Issue No 49
By Rudi Vander Vennet, Ghent University

JEL-codes: G21, G28.
Keywords: Bank business models, return on equity, loan pricing, efficiency.

Banks are operating in a new environment. The regulatory framework has been firmly updated. The higher capital requirements of Basel 3 are the cornerpiece, but also the new liquidity requirements (LCR and NSFR) and the rules about bail-in capacity (TLAC/MREL) impose important constraints on what banks can do. On top of that banks are confronted with a challenging macroeconomic environment characterized by very accommodative monetary policy (the ECB combines low rates, asset purchases and forward guidance) causing a low for long interest rate environment.

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SUERF Policy Note, Issue 49SUERF Policy Note, Issue 49

Bank business models: time to actWeb version: Bank business models: time to act

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