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23 May, 2024 What drives banks’ credit standards? – Impact of bank health and firm risk
Policy Brief

Donata Faccia | European Central Bank (ECB)

Franziska Hünnekes | European Central Bank (ECB)

Petra Köhler-Ulbrich | European Central Bank (ECB)

23 May, 2024 Bank-level competition: new measure and applications
Policy Brief

Michiel van Leuvensteijn | Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment - Government of the Netherlands

Ivan Huljak | Croatian National Bank

Gabe de Bondt | European Central Bank (ECB)

23 May, 2024 The Transmission of Bank Liquidity Shocks: Evidence from the Eurosystem Collateral Framework
Policy Brief

Pia Huettl | DIW Berlin

Matthias Kaldorf | Deutsche Bundesbank

16 May, 2024 Do Banks and NBFIs Function in Parallel, as Substitutes, or as Complements?
Policy Brief

Viral V. Acharya | New York University Stern School of Business

Nicola Cetorelli | Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Bruce Tuckman | New York University Stern School of Business

10 May, 2024 What happens when banks no longer have branches?
Policy Brief

Niklas Amberg | Sveriges Riksbank

Bo Becker | Stockholm School of Economics

10 May, 2024 Do distribution restrictions increase banks’ resilience and lending capacity?
Policy Brief

Petros Katsoulis | Bank of England

Eddie Gerba | Bank of England

Jozef Baruník | Charles University

Jonathan Acosta-Smith | OECD

3 May, 2024 Climate Risk, Soft Information and Credit Supply
Policy Brief

Laura Álvarez-Román | Banco de España

Sergio Mayordomo | Banco de España

Carles Vergara-Alert | IESE Business School

Xavier Vives | IESE Business School

3 May, 2024 Insurance corporations' balance sheets, financial stability and monetary policy
Policy Brief

Christoph Kaufmann | European Central Bank (ECB)

Jaime Leyva | Banco de Portugal

Manuela Storz | European Central Bank (ECB)

25 Apr, 2024 How to deal with the negative effects of inflated central bank balance sheets?
Policy Brief

Thomas Jost | Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences

Reimund Mink |

25 Apr, 2024 Do European banks burnish their disclosures glossy green?
Policy Brief

Mariassunta Giannetti | Stockholm School of Economics

Martina Jasova | Columbia University

Maria Loumioti | University of Texas at Dallas

Caterina Mendicino | European Central Bank (ECB)

12 Apr, 2024 Projecting banks’ net interest income: an asset-liability approach, applied to the euro area
Policy Brief

Thibaut Gentil | Banque de France

Sébastien Ray | Banque de France

Oana Toader | Banque de France

8 Mar, 2024 What Evidence Exists of Changes in Business Loan Collateral Conditions?
Policy Brief

Aicha Kharazi | University of Exeter

1 Feb, 2024 The ECB Single Supervisory Mechanism: Any Effects on Bank Competition?
Policy Brief

Burkhard Raunig | Oesterreichische Nationalbank

Michael Sigmund | Oesterreichische Nationalbank

1 Feb, 2024 Deposit market concentration and monetary transmission: evidence from the euro area
Policy Brief

Stephen Kho | European Central Bank (ECB)

26 Jan, 2024 Private Bank Money vs Central Bank Money: A Historical Lesson for CBDC Introduction
Policy Brief

Anna Grodecka-Messi | Sveriges Riksbank

Xin Zhang | Sveriges Riksbank

15 Dec, 2023 Targeted longer-term refinancing operations decreased overall credit costs and boosted economic growth
Policy Brief

Olli-Matti Laine | Bank of Finland

Jaakko Nelimarkka | Bank of Finland

30 Nov, 2023 When banks’ shadow fades and shadow banking rises: Securitization and loan performance in China
Policy Brief

Di Gong | University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)

Jin Wu | University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)

Jigao Zhu | University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)

9 Nov, 2023 How would banks respond to central bank digital currency?
Policy Brief

Barbara Meller | European Central Bank (ECB)

Oscar Soons | De Nederlandsche Bank

12 Oct, 2023 Asset allocation and risk taking under different interest rate regimes
Policy Brief

Lieven Hermans | European Central Bank (ECB)

Thomas Kostka | European Central Bank (ECB)

Danilo Vassallo | Bit Capital

5 Oct, 2023 The external financial spillovers of CBDCs
Policy Brief

Alessandro Moro | Bank of Italy

Valerio Nispi Landi | Bank of Italy

28 Sep, 2023 Bonds at a premium: the impact of insurers on corporate bond issuers
Policy Brief

Christian Kubitza | European Central Bank (ECB)

3 Aug, 2023 European bank performance – as good as it gets, despite recent wobbles?
Policy Brief

Jan Schildbach | Deutsche Bank

29 Jun, 2023 Practical Offline Payments Using One-Time Passcodes
Policy Brief

Priscilla Huang | EFREI Paris

Emmanuel Benoist | Bern University

Christian Grothoff | Bern University

Sebastian Javier Marchano | Taler Systems

29 Jun, 2023 Interdependence between assets and liabilities in the banking system: changes in the last two decades
Policy Brief

Valentina Michelangeli | Bank of Italy

Fabio Massimo Piersanti | Bank of Italy

22 Jun, 2023 On the effectiveness of dividend restrictions as supervisory policy tool
Policy Brief

Ernest Dautović | European Central Bank (ECB)

Leonardo Gambacorta | European Central Bank (ECB)

Alessio Reghezza | European Central Bank (ECB)

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