14:00-15:30 CET




Friday, December 4, 2020

In cooperation with

Ulrich Bindseil, Director General – Market Infrastructures and Payments, European Central Bank
Morten Linnemann Bech, Centre Head – Switzerland, BIS Innovation Hub

Dirk Niepelt, Professor of Economics, University of Bern; Director, Study Center Gerzensee

Topics will include:

  • What drives recent increased momentum towards CBDC?
  • What are the key problems/challenges and opportunities related to CBDC?
  • Who would decide about the introduction of CBDC in the euro area and elsewhere?
  • How will CBDC affect banks’ business models?
  • Will CBDC mean the end of privacy?
  • Will, and should CBDC give rise to extreme monetary policies?

Presentation by Ulrich Bindseil, ECB
Digital euro and some considerations on CBDC attractiveness (pdf)

Presentation by Morten Bech, BIS Innovation HubProject Helvetia: Settling tokenised assets using central bank money (pdf)

ECBReport on a digital euro, October 2020

BIS – Project Helvetia: Settling tokenised assets in central bank money (
Project Helvetia, an experiment between the Bank for International Settlements Innovation Hub Swiss Centre, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) and the financial market infrastructure operator SIX, successfully shows the feasibility of integrating tokenised assets and central bank money. The project demonstrates the functional feasibility and legal robustness of settling tokenised assets with a wholesale CBDC (PoC1) and with linking a DLT platform to existing payment systems (PoC2) in a near-live setup. The experiment should not be interpreted as an indication that the SNB will issue a wholesale CBDC. read more