Number of events: 60
Date Event
24 Jan, 2024 Call for Papers - The Central Bank of the Future: Opportunities and Challenges I Paper submission deadline, 13 March 2024 hybrid, Vienna
26 Dec, 2023 Climate finance in an uncertain world: Challenges for central banking and financial regulation hybrid, Milan
21 Jun, 2023 The International Role of the Euro: Geopolitical tensions, inflation and rising yields – what impact on international currencies? online
21 May, 2023 Monetary policy in uncertain times: Towards robustness and resilience hybrid, Vienna
16 May, 2023 The recent market turmoil: Lessons for market exits of systemically important banks online
7 May, 2023 Monetary Policy Normalization and Market Functioning in the Euro Area hybrid, Milan
25 Apr, 2023 The use of surveys for monetary and economic policy hybrid, Rome
26 Mar, 2023 Measuring economic slack or shortages: new methods and ways forward online
21 Mar, 2023 Why are central banks reporting losses? Does it matter? online
15 Mar, 2023 Gold as International Reserves: A Barbarous Relic No More? online
15 Feb, 2023 Navigating Monetary Tightening Through Fragile Markets online
9 Feb, 2023 Gauging (dis)inflation pressures: Comparing tools and current findings online
16 Jan, 2023 Global discord: Values and power in a fractured world order hybrid, Vienna
27 Nov, 2022 Challenges and recent advances in modelling and forecasting inflation online
10 Oct, 2022 EU and US Perspectives: New Directions for Economic Policy online
6 Oct, 2022 Burst of inflation: How and why did we get there? And, how to get inflation back to target? online
4 Oct, 2022 Macroprudential Policy and the End of the Zero-Interest-Rate Environment hybrid, Bratislava
2 Sep, 2022 Digital Money and Finance: What’s New? online
9 Aug, 2022 The Illusion of Control: Why Financial Crises Happen, and What We Can (and Can’t) Do About It online
7 Jun, 2022 CBDC and Bank Intermediation online
23 May, 2022 Central bank independence, inflation and crises: what interactions? online
22 May, 2022 The Return of Inflation hybrid, Vienna
14 Feb, 2022 Conceptions of Money in the Digital Age online
2 Feb, 2022 Macroeconomic models for monetary policy: State of play and way forward online
1 Feb, 2022 The digital euro: policy implications and perspectives online
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