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Conference Reports

Date SUERF Conference Reportby
23 May - 24 May, 2022hybrid, ViennaThe return of inflationThe Return of InflationE. Gnan, K. Rieder, T. Messner, F. Rumler, M. Salish
03 Feb, 2022, Macroeconomic models for monetary policy: State of play and way forwardMacroeconomic models for monetary policy: State of play and way forwardE.Gnan, M. Darracq Paries, J. Kilponen, A. Notarpietro
12 Jan - 13 Jan, 2022, Insights from the EIB Annual Economics Conference 2022Accelerating transformationEIB
19 Oct, 2021, Monetary Policy Approaches: A Comparative AppraisalMonetary Policy Approaches: A Comparative AppraisalA. Gulan, M. Juselius, E. Jokivuolle, M. Sihvonen
21 Jan - 22 Jan, 2021, Full event report EXTERNAL - Annual Economics Conference 2021 JanuaryEurope: Smart and GreenEIB
08 Jan, 2020Amsterdam, The NetherlandsForging a new future between the UK and the EUForging a new future between the UK and the EUJ. de Haan, E. Gnan, M. Marcussen, Y. Selfin
26 Nov - 27 Nov, 2019Luxembourg, LuxembourgStriving for competitiveness and inclusion: what policies for EuropeStriving for competitiveness and inclusion: what policies for Europe?F. Betz, Á. Gereben, M. Kollár, P. McGoldrick, D. Rueckert, S. Savsek, M. Wolski, P. Wruuck
15 Nov, 2019Brussels, Belgium Cross-border financial services: Europe’s Cinderella?Cross border financial services: Europe’s Cinderella?F. Lierman, C. Bourgeois, J. Vermaut
19 Sep, 2019Helsinki, FinlandConference report_Helsinki 2019Post-crisis policy challenges and implications for macro modellingE. Gnan and E. Jokivuolle
02 May - 03 May, 2019Vienna, AustriaConference report_Vowi 2019_ViennaEuropean Economic and Monetary Union: The first and the next 20 yearsM. Balling, E. Gnan, P. Warum
28 Mar - 29 Mar, 2019Paris, FranceThe Euro Area: Staying the Course through UncertaintiesDavid T. Llewellyn
15 Feb, 2019Warsaw, PolandNBP-SUERF_Warsaw Conference ReportChallenges of Interactions between Macroprudential and other Policies R. Kokoszczyński, M. Pipień
28 Nov - 29 Nov, 2018Luxembourg, LuxembourgConference report_ 20190122_EIB-ECB-SUERF-MIT-UC-conference_summaryInvestment, Technological Transformation and SkillsM. Andersson, A. Brasili, R. Tilson, P. Wruuck, C. Weiss
30 Oct, 2018Madrid, SpainMadrid report_october 2018Financial Disintermediation and the Future of the Banking Sector R. Gimeno, S. Mayordomo, M. Rodríguez-Moreno
20 Sep - 21 Sep, 2018New York, USNY report_ september 2018Sustainable Policy Responses: EU and US PerspectivesE. Gnan, T.Latic, T.Trufea, D.Seo, A.K. Puthenveettil
14 Sep, 2018Brussels, BelgiumBrussels Report_ september 201810 Years after the start of the financial crisis: Contours of a new normal F. Lierman
07 Jun, 2018Milan, ItalyNewsletter_summer_2018_milan_screenDo we need central bank digital currency? Economics, Technology and InstitutionsE. Gnan, D. Masciandaro
04 May, 2018Vienna, AustriaNewsletter_summer_2018_vienna_screenGreen finance, regulation and monetary policyE. Campiglio, E. Gnan, I. Monasterolo
10 Apr, 2018London, United KingdomNewsletter_summer_2018_london_screenMonetary policy normalisation: scenarios and risksE. Gnan, T. Huertas, P. Jackson, C. Wyplosz
23 Nov, 2017Luxembourg, LuxembourgLuxembourg Report 2017Investment and Investment FinanceT. Bending, A. Kolev, B. Marchitto, D. Revoltella
14 Sep - 15 Sep, 2017Helsinki, FinlandHelsinki ReportShadow Banking: Financial Intermediation beyond Banks E. Jokivuolle
08 Jun, 2017Milan, ItalyNew Challenges in Central BankingNew Challenges in Central Banking: Monetary Policy Governance and Macroprudential IssuesE. Gnan, D. Masciandaro
29 May - 30 May, 2017Vienna, Austria The Financial System of the FutureThe Financial System of the FutureC. Beer, E. Gnan, M. Mayer
23 Feb, 2017London, United KingdomConference report London 2017Brexit and the Implications for Financial Services M. Balling, E. Gnan, P. Jackson
09 Dec, 2016Brussels, BelgiumConference report Brussels 2016FinTech and the Future of Retail BankingM. Balling, C. Bourgeois, F.Lierman, J. Vermaut
17 Nov, 2016Luxembourg, LuxembourgLuxembourg reportFinancing Productivity Growth in EuropeL. Maurin, A.Kolev
16 Sep, 2016Paris, FranceConference Report Paris 2016Rethinking Capital Controls and Capital FlowsM. Balling
14 Apr, 2016Milan, ItalyMilan Report 2016Central banking and monetary policy: Which will be the new normal? E. Gnan, D. Masciandaro
03 Feb - 04 Feb, 2016Frankfurt am Main, GermanyFrankfurt Report 2016The SSM at 1 J. Ulbrich, C-Ch.Hedrich, M.Balling
03 Dec, 2015London, United KingdomConference Report London 2015Banking Reform P. Jackson, C. Wyplosz
04 Nov - 05 Nov, 2015Zurich, SwitzerlandConference report_Zurich 2015Cash on TrialC. Beer, E. Gnan, U. Birchler
03 Jul, 2015Helsinki, FinlandConference Report_Helsinki 2015Liquidity and Market Efficiency – Alive and Well?E. Jokivuolle
11 Mar, 2015Vienna, AustriaVienna report_march 2015Asset-liability management with ultra-low interest ratesC. Beer, E. Gnan
11 Dec, 2014Vienna, AustriaReregulation of the financial sector – economic consequences, costs and benefits E. Gnan
14 Nov, 2014Madrid, SpainChallenges in Securities and Markets Regulation: Investor Protection and Corporate GovernanceE. Gnan, M. Balling
03 Jul, 2014Reykjavik, IcelandPost-Crisis Recovery and the Reconstruction of the Financial Sector E. Gnan
04 Jun - 05 Jun, 2014Milan, ItalyMoney, Regulation and Growth: Financing New Growth in EuropeM. Balling, M.Quintyn, F.Lierman, D.Masciandaro
13 Mar, 2014London, United KingdomLondon report_march 2014Two ends of the spectrum - the challenges of risk management and effective resolutionP. Jackson, M. Balling
12 Dec, 2013Vienna, Austriasuerf_unicredit report_2013Banking and Financial Markets between Integration and Segmentation after the Crisis
22 Nov, 2013Paris, FranceParis report_november 2013The Financial Reconstruction of EuropeM. Balling, A. Duchâteau, E.Gnan
04 Oct, 2013Amsterdam, The NetherlandsAmsterdam report_october 2013The value of banks and their business models to societyL. Treur
13 Jun, 2013Helsinki, FinnlandHelsinki report_june 2013Banking after regulatory reforms - business as usual?E. Jokivuolle
15 Nov, 2012Copenhagen, DenmarkCopenhagen report_november 2012Property Prices and Real Estate Financing in a Turbulent WorldMorten Balling, Jesper Berg
05 Sep - 06 Sep, 2012Zürich, SwitzerlandZürich report_september 2012States, Banks, and the Financing of the EconomyM. Balling, E.Gnan
18 Jun, 2012Vienna, AustriaVienna report_june 2012The Interaction of Political, Fiscal and Financial Stability: Lessons from the CrisisE. Gnan
08 Mar, 2012London, United KingdomLondon report_march 2012Future Risks and Fragilities for Financial StabilityS. Pagliari
22 Sep - 23 Sep, 2011Helsinki, FinnlandHelsinki report_september 2011The Future of Risk ManagementE. Gnan, E. Jokivuolle
08 Sep - 09 Sep, 2011Berlin, GermanyBerlin report_november 2012The ESRB at 1S. Gerlach, E. Gnan, J. Ulbrich
11 May - 12 May, 2011Brussels, BelgiumBrussel report_may 2011New Paradigms in Money and Finance?M. Balling, F. Lierman, D.T. Llewellyn
04 Mar, 2011Warsaw, PolandWarsaw report_march 2011Monetary Policy after the CrisisE. Gnan
20 Sep, 2010Dublin, IrelandDublin report_september 2010Regulation and Banking after the CrisisM. Balling, E.Gnan
23 Jun, 2010Budapest, HungaryBudapest report_august 2010The Future of Banking in CESEE after the Financial CrisisE. Gnan
12 Feb, 2010Vienna, AustriaVienna report_february 2010Contagion and Spillovers: New Insights from the CrisisP. Backé, E. Gnan, M. Feldkircher, M. Lahnsteiner

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