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SUERF Workshop

Housing Markets in the 2020s: Valuation, drivers, risks and policies

Date: Wednesday, 21st September 2022, online via Webex

In this workshop, we will discuss the drivers of real estate prices: How far will interest rate hikes curb real estate credit and prices? Is there a risk of bursting bubbles? Are real estate markets overvalued? Furthermore, which policy measures should governments and macroprudential supervisors take: state of play, comparative stock-taking of best practices, including macropru and taxation?

Wednesday, 21 September 2022
13:30 Welcome
13:35 Session 1: Valuation, drivers and risks

Chair: Sylvain Broyer, Chief EMEA Economist, S&P Global Ratings

Housing market risks in the wake of the pandemic
Deniz Igan, Head of Macroeconomic Analysis, BIS and SUERF
Presentation (pdf)Presentation (pdf)

How overheated is the German real estate market?
Anke Wetzka, Senior Economist, General Economics, Deutsche Bundesbank
Presentation (pdf)Presentation (pdf)

The role of institutional investors in housing markets
Manuel A. Muñoz, Senior Lead Expert, European Central Bank
Presentation (pdf)Presentation (pdf)

15:00 Session 2: Policy measures

Chair: Ernest Gnan, Head, Monetary Policy Section, OeNB I SUERF

Keeping house prices in check: the role of policy
Luiz de Mello, Director, Economics Department, OECD
Presentation (pdf)Presentation (pdf)

Discussion of policy options
John Muellbauer, Professor, Nuffield College, University of Oxford
Presentation (pdf)Presentation (pdf)

16:00 End

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