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12 Apr, 2024 Navigating How State Policies Impact the Venture Capital Landscape
Policy Brief

Matteo Aquilina | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Giulio Cornelli | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Marina Sanchez del Villar | European University Institute (EUI)

8 Mar, 2024 Loquacity and Visible Emotion: ChatGPT as a Policy Advisor
Policy Brief

Claudia Biancotti | Bank of Italy

Carolina Camassa | Bank of Italy

15 Feb, 2024 Digital Euro: The Case Against Legal Tender
Policy Brief

Christian Pfister | University of Orléans

15 Feb, 2024 Global and local drivers of Bitcoin trading vis-à-vis fiat currencies
Policy Brief

Paola Di Casola | European Central Bank (ECB)

Maurizio Michael Habib | European Central Bank (ECB)

David Tercero-Lucas | Comillas Pontifical University

16 Nov, 2023 How and why? Monitoring cement production with satellites and neural networks
Policy Brief

Alexandre d’Aspremont | CNRS

Jean-Charles Bricongne | Banque de France

Benjamin Lietti | CEPS

Baptiste Meunier | European Central Bank (ECB)

9 Nov, 2023 How would banks respond to central bank digital currency?
Policy Brief

Barbara Meller | European Central Bank (ECB)

Oscar Soons | De Nederlandsche Bank

9 Nov, 2023 Analysis of CBDC Narrative by Central Banks using Large Language Models
Policy Brief

Andres Alonso Robisco | Banco de España

Jose Manuel Carbo | Banco de España

2 Nov, 2023 Forecasting euro area inflation with machine learning models
Policy Brief

Michele Lenza | European Central Bank (ECB)

Ines Moutachaker | European Central Bank (ECB)

Joan Paredes | European Central Bank (ECB)

2 Nov, 2023 Policy Insights from ICT Trade: Exploring the Influence of Regulatory Convergence
Policy Brief

Mahdi Ghodsi | Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw)

2 Nov, 2023 Who Needs an e-Yuan?
Policy Brief

Christian Pfister | Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Nicolas de Seze | Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

25 Oct, 2023 Does Innovation Converge?
Policy Brief

Bryan Hardy | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Can Sever | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

5 Oct, 2023 The external financial spillovers of CBDCs
Policy Brief

Alessandro Moro | Bank of Italy

Valerio Nispi Landi | Bank of Italy

5 Oct, 2023 Innovation, Industry Equilibrium, and Discount Rates
Policy Brief

Maria Cecilia Bustamante | University of Maryland

Francesca Zucchi | European Central Bank (ECB)

7 Sep, 2023 Nowcasting World Trade with Machine Learning: a Three-Step Approach
Policy Brief

Menzie D. Chinn | University of Wisconsin

Baptiste Meunier | European Central Bank (ECB)

Sebastian Stumpner | Banque de France

24 Aug, 2023 Adoption, Fragility and Regulation of Stablecoins
Policy Brief

Christoph Bertsch | Sveriges Riksbank

22 Jun, 2023 After the crypto-winter, the spring of crypto-assets regulation and supervision
Policy Brief

Denis Beau | Banque de France

15 Jun, 2023 Digital Euro: An assessment of the first two progress reports
Policy Brief

Dirk Niepelt | University of Bern

9 Jun, 2023 BigTech Credit and Monetary Policy Transmission
Policy Brief

Yiping Huang | Peking University

Xiang Li | Halle Institute for Economic Research

Han Qiu | Bank of International Settlements (BIS)

Changhua Yu | Peking University

25 May, 2023 Measuring the Temporal Dimension of Text: An Application to Policymaker Speeches
Policy Brief

David Byrne | Central Bank of Ireland

Robert Goodhead | Central Bank of Ireland

Michael McMahon | Central Bank of Ireland

Conor Parle | Central Bank of Ireland

25 May, 2023 Boosting the Green Transition: Greenhouse gas emissions and bank lending
Policy Brief

Koji Takahashi | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Junnosuke Shino | Waseda University

25 May, 2023 Reforming the Monetary System for the Digital Age
Policy Brief

Burkhard Drees | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Sunil Sharma | George Washington University

19 May, 2023 Is digitalisation the gamechanger it promised to be for firms’ productivity growth?
Policy Brief

Robert Anderton | University of Nottingham

Vasco Botelho | European Central Bank (ECB)

Paul Reimers | Deutsche Bundesbank

17 May, 2023 The digital euro: a precautionary device, not a deus-ex-machina
Policy Brief

Ignazio Angeloni | European University Institute (EUI)

11 May, 2023 CBDC Policies in Open Economies
Policy Brief

Michael Kumhof | Bank of England

Marco Pinchetti | Bank of England

Phurichai Rungcharoenkitkul | Bank of Thailand

Andrej Sokol | Bloomberg

4 May, 2023 Can machine learning help forecasting fiscal crises in emerging and developing countries?
Policy Brief

Raffaele De Marchi | Bank of Italy

Alessandro Moro | Bank of Italy

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