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6 Jun, 2024 Optimal monetary policy when energy price shocks weigh more on the unemployed
Policy Brief

Nicolò Gnocato | Bank of Italy

6 Jun, 2024 Productivity in the face of climate change
Policy Brief

Gert Bijnens | National Bank of Belgium

6 Jun, 2024 SMEs and the climate and environmental transition
Policy Brief

Paolo Angelini | Bank of Italy

31 May, 2024 The green sin: how exchange rate volatility and financial openness affect green premia
Policy Brief

Alessandro Moro | Bank of Italy

Andrea Zaghini | Bank of Italy

31 May, 2024 Five questions on the impact of carbon taxes on economies and markets
Policy Brief

Thierry Roncalli | Amundi Investment Institute

31 May, 2024 A disorderly transition with risks of delay
Policy Brief

Alessia Berardi | Amundi Investment Institute

Monica Defend | Amundi Investment Institute

Annalisa Usardi | Amundi Investment Institute

16 May, 2024 Funding the Fittest? How investors respond to climate transition risk in the corporate bond market.
Policy Brief

Martijn Boermans | De Nederlandsche Bank

Maurice Bun | De Nederlandsche Bank

Yasmine van der Straten | University of Amsterdam

16 May, 2024 European Corporate Bonds Reflect Heightened Climate Transition Risk Pricing
Policy Brief

Dirk Broeders | Maastricht University

Marleen de Jonge | De Nederlandsche Bank

David Rijsbergen | De Nederlandsche Bank

16 May, 2024 Making the grass greener: the role of firms’ financial and managerial capacity in paving the way to the green transition
Policy Brief

Hélia Costa | OECD

Lilas Demmou | OECD

Guido Franco | OECD

Stefan Lamp | Toulouse School of Economics

10 May, 2024 On the near-term macro-financial risks of the low-carbon transition and climate change
Policy Brief

Laura Nowzohour | European Central Bank (ECB)

Stéphane Dees | Banque de France

3 May, 2024 Climate Risk, Soft Information and Credit Supply
Policy Brief

Laura Álvarez-Román | Banco de España

Sergio Mayordomo | Banco de España

Carles Vergara-Alert | IESE Business School

Xavier Vives | IESE Business School

3 May, 2024 The role of supply chain disruption shocks and energy shocks on GDP, core consumer price and expected inflation
Policy Brief

Roberto De Santis | European Central Bank (ECB)

25 Apr, 2024 Do European banks burnish their disclosures glossy green?
Policy Brief

Mariassunta Giannetti | Stockholm School of Economics

Martina Jasova | Columbia University

Maria Loumioti | University of Texas at Dallas

Caterina Mendicino | European Central Bank (ECB)

25 Apr, 2024 Carbon trade-offs: how firms respond to emission controls
Policy Brief

Maria Cecilia Bustamante | University of Maryland

Francesca Zucchi | European Central Bank (ECB)

25 Apr, 2024 Optimal timing of environmental policy under partial information
Policy Brief

Pablo Garcia | Banque centrale du Luxembourg

18 Apr, 2024 Climate actions, market beliefs, and monetary policy
Policy Brief

Barbara Annicchiarico | Roma Tre University

Fabio Di Dio | Sapienza University of Rome

Francesca Diluiso | Bank of England

18 Apr, 2024 An examination of net-zero commitments by the world’s largest banks
Policy Brief

Carlo Di Maio | European Central Bank (ECB

Maria Dimitropoulou | European Central Bank (ECB)

Zoe Lola Farkas | European Central Bank (ECB)

Sem Houben | De Nederlandsche Bank

Georgia Lialiouti | European Central Bank (ECB)

Katharina Plavec | European Central Bank (ECB)

Raphaël Poignet | European Central Bank (ECB)

Eline Elisabeth Maria Verhoeff | European Central Bank (ECB)

28 Mar, 2024 Opening up the macroeconomic toolbox of NGFS climate scenarios for the euro area
Policy Brief

Matthieu Darracq Pariès | European Central Bank (ECB)

Stéphane Dees | Banque de France

Annabelle de Gaye | Banque de France

Laura Parisi | European Central Bank (ECB)

Yiqiao Sun | European Central Bank (ECB)

21 Mar, 2024 Stranded Capital in Production Networks: Implications for the Economy of the Euro Area
Policy Brief

Patrick Grüning | Bank of Latvia

Zeynep Kantur | Başkent University

21 Mar, 2024 Shocked to the core: a new model to understand euro area inflation
Policy Brief

Marta Bańbura | European Central Bank (ECB)

Elena Bobeica | European Central Bank (ECB)

Catalina Martínez Hernández | European Central Bank (ECB)

14 Mar, 2024 The effects of weather-related disasters on prices in French overseas territories
Policy Brief

Erwan Gautier | Banque de France

Christoph Grosse-Steffen | Banque de France

Magali Marx | Banque de France

Paul Vertier | Banque de France

14 Mar, 2024 Is the German banking sector exposed to climate-related transition risks?
Policy Brief

Paola D'Orazio | Technische Universität Chemnitz

Tobias Hertel | Consileon Frankfurt

Fynn Kasbrink | Ruhr-Universität Bochum

14 Mar, 2024 How gas prices affect inflation: lessons from the European energy crisis
Policy Brief

Jakob Feveile Adolfsen | European Central Bank (ECB)

Massimo Ferrari Minesso | European Central Bank (ECB)

Jente Esther Mork | Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Ine Van Robays | European Central Bank (ECB)

8 Mar, 2024 Sustainability and Private Investors
Policy Brief

Bonnie Buchanan | Surrey Business School

Hanna Silvola | Hanken School of Economics

Emilia Vähämaa | Hanken School of Economics

22 Feb, 2024 Why we need a green land-value tax and how to design it
Policy Brief

John Muellbauer | University of Oxford

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