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Date Title Author(s)
21 Mar, 2024 Household financial fragility in Western Balkan countries before COVID-19
Policy Brief

Elona Dushku | Bank of Albania

21 Mar, 2024 Consumer debt in Luxembourg and the euro area
Policy Brief

Giuseppe Pulina | Banque centrale du Luxembourg

14 Mar, 2024 Inflation, fiscal policy and inequality
Policy Brief

Antonio F. Amores | European Commission

Henrique S. Basso | Banco de España

Johannes Simeon Bischl | European Central Bank (ECB)

Paola De Agostini | European Commission

Silvia De Poli | European Commission

Emanuele Dicarlo | Bank of Italy

Maria Flevotomou | Bank of Greece

Maximilian Freier | European Central Bank (ECB)

Sofia Maier | European Commission

Esteban García-Miralles | Banco de España

Myroslav Pidkuyko | Banco de España

Mattia Ricci | European Commission

Sara Riscado | Banco de Portugal

8 Mar, 2024 Sustainability and Private Investors
Policy Brief

Bonnie Buchanan | Surrey Business School

Hanna Silvola | Hanken School of Economics

Emilia Vähämaa | Hanken School of Economics

8 Mar, 2024 A Human Capital Explanation of Real Business Cycles
Policy Brief

Szilard Benk | Corvinus University of Budapest

Tamas Csabafi | University of Missouri – St. Louis

Jing Dang | State Grid Corporation of China

Max Gillman | University of Missouri - St. Louis

Michal Kejak | CERGE-EI

8 Mar, 2024 The unequal impact of the 2021-22 inflation surge on euro area households
Policy Brief

Filippo Pallotti | Lombard Odier

Gonzalo Paz-Pardo | European Central Bank (ECB)

Jiri Slacalek | European Central Bank (ECB)

Oreste Tristani | European Central Bank (ECB)

Gianluca L. Violante | Princeton University

29 Feb, 2024 Liquidity Constraints and Demand for Maturity: The Case of Mortgages
Policy Brief

Alessandro Ferrari | European Central Bank (ECB)

Marco Loseto | University of Chicago

8 Feb, 2024 Who Gets Jobs Matters: Monetary Policy and the Labour Market in HANK and SAM
Policy Brief

Uroš Herman | Aix-Marseille University

Matija Lozej | Central Bank of Ireland

8 Feb, 2024 To eat or to heat: are energy bills squeezing people's spending?
Policy Brief

Andrea Colabella | Bank of Italy

Luciano Lavecchia | Bank of Italy

Valentina Michelangeli | Bank of Italy

Raffaella Pico | Bank of Italy

26 Jan, 2024 The distribution and use of Italian households’ savings after the pandemic
Policy Brief

Andrea Colabella | Bank of Italy

Elisa Guglielminetti | Bank of Italy

Concetta Rondinelli | Bank of Italy

12 Jan, 2024 Measuring the affordability of houses for first time buyers
Policy Brief

Gerard Eijsink | De Nederlandsche Bank

Dorinth van Dijk | De Nederlandsche Bank

12 Jan, 2024 A new dataset on housing affordability
Policy Brief

Nina Biljanovska | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Chenxu Fu | University of Tokyo

Deniz Igan | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

20 Dec, 2023 Belief formation and its role for stability: The Case of Credit Market Sentiments
Policy Brief

Maximilian Boeck | Bocconi University

Thomas Zörner | Oesterreichische Nationalbank

7 Dec, 2023 Pension Reform and Saving Behaviour: How Much Does Voluntary Saving Go Down When Mandatory Saving Goes Up?
Policy Brief

Svend E. Hougaard | Copenhagen Business School

Sigurdur P. Olafsson | Copenhagen Business School

Arnaldur Stefansson | University of Iceland

Thorsteinn S. Sveinsson | Central Bank of Iceland

Gylfi Zoega | University of Iceland

7 Dec, 2023 Why are debtor countries hesitant to participate in debt relief initiatives?
Policy Brief

Danny Cassimon | University of Antwerp

Dennis Essers | National Bank of Belgium

Andrea Presbitero | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

7 Sep, 2023 Cash plays a key role for various groups at risk
Policy Brief

Carin van der Cruijsen | De Nederlandsche Bank

Jelmer Reijerink | De Nederlandsche Bank

31 Aug, 2023 More uncertainty, but no financial compensation: Wage differentials between permanent and flexible jobs in The Netherlands
Policy Brief

Cindy Biesenbeek | De Nederlandsche Bank

Maikel Volkerink | De Nederlandsche Bank

27 Jul, 2023 Consumer Savings Behaviour at Low and Negative Interest Rates
Policy Brief

Marco Felici | European Central Bank (ECB)

Geoff Kenny | European Central Bank (ECB)

Roberta Friz | European Commission

22 Jun, 2023 Should inequality factor into central banks’ decisions?
Policy Brief

Niels-Jakob H. Hansen | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Alessandro Lin | Bank of Italy

Rui C. Mano | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

20 Apr, 2023 Dump the Hump: How Education Impacts Consumption Smoothing and Macroeconomic Outcomes
Policy Brief

Svend E. Hougaard Jensen | Copenhagen Business School

Sigurdur P. Olafsson | Copenhagen Business School

Thorsteinn S. Sveinsson | Central Bank of Iceland

Gylfi Zoega | University of Iceland

30 Mar, 2023 Technology and Asset Liquidations: Evidence from Real Estate Collateral
Policy Brief

Francesco Mazzola | Erasmus University Rotterdam

2 Mar, 2023 The fear of job loss as a driver of households’ labour supply
Policy Brief

Wouter Gelade | National Bank of Belgium

Maud Nautet | National Bank of Belgium

Celine Piton | National Bank of Belgium

16 Feb, 2023 Consumption Inequality in the Digital Age
Policy Brief

Kai Arvai | Banque de France

Katja Mann | Copenhagen Business School

26 Jan, 2023 Price Setting Before and During the Pandemic: Evidence from Swiss Consumer Prices
Policy Brief

Barbara Rudolf | Swiss National Bank

Pascal Seiler | European Central Bank (ECB)

19 Jan, 2023 An international map of gender gaps
Policy Brief

Ines Buono | Bank of Italy

Annalivia Polselli | University of Essex

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