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8 Feb, 2024 Assessing the Gap: Environmental Claims vs Lending Practices in European Banks
Policy Brief

Leonardo Gambacorta | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Salvatore Polizzi | University of Palermo

Alessio Reghezza | European Central Bank (ECB)

Enzo Scannella | University of Palermo

8 Feb, 2024 Putting Out the NBFire - Lessons from the UK’s Liability-Driven Investment Crisis
Policy Brief

Ruo Chen | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Esti Kemp | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

1 Feb, 2024 Structural and cyclical capital instruments in the 3D model: a simulation for Portugal
Policy Brief

Diana Lima | Banco de Portugal

Duarte Maia | Banco de Portugal

Ana Pereira | Bank of England

1 Feb, 2024 The euro area and its banks in a semi-structural model
Policy Brief

Katarzyna Budnik | European Central Bank (ECB)

26 Jan, 2024 COVID-19 and Climate Risks: What are the Consequences for Financial Market Stability?
Policy Brief

Paola D’Orazio | Technische Universität Chemnitz

18 Jan, 2024 Surging interest rates: Higher surrender payouts affect life insurers’ liquidity risk
Policy Brief

Christian Kubitza | European Central Bank (ECB)

Nicolaus Grochola | Goethe University Frankfurt

Helmut Gründl | Goethe University Frankfurt

18 Jan, 2024 Can prudential policies shield EU countries from foreign monetary policy spillovers?
Policy Brief

Andra Coman | European Central Bank (ECB)

12 Jan, 2024 An Estimation of Firms’ Default Probabilities and an Application to Evaluate a Public Policy Implemented in Spain
Policy Brief

Roberto Blanco | Banco de España

Elena Fernández Ortiz | Banco de España

Miguel García-Posada | Banco de España

Sergio Mayordomo | Banco de España

7 Dec, 2023 Why are debtor countries hesitant to participate in debt relief initiatives?
Policy Brief

Danny Cassimon | University of Antwerp

Dennis Essers | National Bank of Belgium

Andrea Presbitero | International Monetary Fund (IMF)

30 Nov, 2023 When banks’ shadow fades and shadow banking rises: Securitization and loan performance in China
Policy Brief

Di Gong | University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)

Jin Wu | University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)

Jigao Zhu | University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)

23 Nov, 2023 How usable are capital buffers? An empirical analysis of the interaction between capital buffers and the leverage ratio since 2016
Policy Brief

Georg Leitner | European Central Bank (ECB)

Michal Dvorak | European Central Bank (ECB)

Alessandro Magi | European Central Bank (ECB)

Balazs Zsamboki | European Central Bank (ECB)

23 Nov, 2023 Can the green transition be risky for Slovak banks?
Policy Brief

Jozef Kalman | National Bank of Slovakia

Ján Klacso | National Bank of Slovakia

Roman Vasil | National Bank of Slovakia

Juraj Zeman | National Bank of Slovakia

16 Nov, 2023 Banks’ credit forecasts excel at rank ordering but miss the evolution of losses
Policy Brief

Martin Birn | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Renzo Corrias | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Christian Schmieder | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Nikola Tarashev | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

16 Nov, 2023 The Road to Paris: stress testing the transition towards a net-zero economy
Policy Brief

Tina Emambakhsh | European Central Bank (ECB)

Maximilian Fuchs | European Central Bank (ECB)

Simon Koerdel | European Central Bank (ECB)

Charalampos Kouratzoglou | European Central Bank (ECB)

Chiara Lelli | European Central Bank (ECB)

Riccardo Pizzeghello | European Central Bank (ECB)

Carmelo Salleo | European Central Bank (ECB)

Martina Spaggiari | European Central Bank (ECB)

16 Nov, 2023 Superkurtosis: High-frequency trading and risk management
Policy Brief

Stavros Degiannakis | Bank of Greece

George Filis | University of Patras

Lorenzo Trapani | University of Leicester

Gregorios Siourounis | Panteion University of Social and Political Science

16 Nov, 2023 Quantitative easing, accounting and prudential frameworks, and bank lending
Policy Brief

Andrea Orame | Bank of Italy

Rodney Ramcharan | University of Southern California

Roberto Robatto | University of Wisconsin-Madison

2 Nov, 2023 Should credit lines be regulated?
Policy Brief

Jose E. Gutierrez | Banco de España

25 Oct, 2023 The state-dependent impact of changes in bank capital requirements
Policy Brief

Jan Hannes Lang | European Central Bank (ECB)

Dominik Menno | Deutsche Bundesbank

19 Oct, 2023 The Mortgage Servicing Channel: Understanding Monetary Policy Transmission through Shadow Banks
Policy Brief

Isha Agarwal | University of British Columbia

Malin Hu | Vanderbilt University

Raluca A. Roman | Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Keling Zheng | University of British Columbia

19 Oct, 2023 Mortgage borrowing caps: leverage, default, and welfare
Policy Brief

Joao Oliveira | Nova School of Business and Economics

Leonor Queiro | Banco de Portugal

19 Oct, 2023 Asset Prices, Collateral and Bank Lending - The Case of Covid-19 and Real Estate
Policy Brief

Aoife Horan | European Central Bank (ECB)

Barbara Jarmulska | European Central Bank (ECB)

Ellen Ryan | European Central Bank (ECB)

12 Oct, 2023 E-commerce and Price Setting: Evidence from Europe
Policy Brief

Georg Strasser | European Central Bank (ECB)

Elisabeth Wieland | Deutsche Bundesbank

Paweł Macias | Narodowy Bank Polski

Aneta Błażejowska | Narodowy Bank Polski

Karol Szafranek | Narodowy Bank Polski

David Wittekopf | European University Institute (EUI)

12 Oct, 2023 Asset allocation and risk taking under different interest rate regimes
Policy Brief

Lieven Hermans | European Central Bank (ECB)

Thomas Kostka | European Central Bank (ECB)

Danilo Vassallo | Bit Capital

12 Oct, 2023 Gross bond issuance by Italian banks: key trends in times of crisis and unconventional monetary policy
Policy Brief

Donato Ceci | Bank of Italy

Alessandro Montino | Bank of Italy

Sara Pinoli | Bank of Italy

Andrea Silvestrini | Bank of Italy

12 Oct, 2023 A two-tier system of minimum reserve requirements by De Grauwe and Ji (2023): A closer look
Policy Brief

Claudia Kwapil | Oesterreichische Nationalbank

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