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Date Title Author(s)
6 Jun, 2024 How do financial markets’ view risks in the global banking sector? A heatmap with a novel thermometer
Policy Brief

Martín Saldías | Banco de Portugal

Martin Scheicher | European Central Bank (ECB)

6 Jun, 2024 SMEs and the climate and environmental transition
Policy Brief

Paolo Angelini | Bank of Italy

31 May, 2024 A disorderly transition with risks of delay
Policy Brief

Alessia Berardi | Amundi Investment Institute

Monica Defend | Amundi Investment Institute

Annalisa Usardi | Amundi Investment Institute

23 May, 2024 Do Banks Worry About Attentive Depositors? Evidence from Multiple-Brand Banks
Policy Brief

Matthieu Chavaz | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Pablo Slutzky | University of Maryland

23 May, 2024 What drives banks’ credit standards? – Impact of bank health and firm risk
Policy Brief

Donata Faccia | European Central Bank (ECB)

Franziska Hünnekes | European Central Bank (ECB)

Petra Köhler-Ulbrich | European Central Bank (ECB)

23 May, 2024 The Transmission of Bank Liquidity Shocks: Evidence from the Eurosystem Collateral Framework
Policy Brief

Pia Huettl | DIW Berlin

Matthias Kaldorf | Deutsche Bundesbank

16 May, 2024 Stress tests and efficient stable banking: Is more sunlight needed?
Policy Brief

Diego Moreno | Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Tuomas Takalo | Bank of Finland

16 May, 2024 Do Banks and NBFIs Function in Parallel, as Substitutes, or as Complements?
Policy Brief

Viral V. Acharya | New York University Stern School of Business

Nicola Cetorelli | Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Bruce Tuckman | New York University Stern School of Business

10 May, 2024 Do distribution restrictions increase banks’ resilience and lending capacity?
Policy Brief

Petros Katsoulis | Bank of England

Eddie Gerba | Bank of England

Jozef Baruník | Charles University

Jonathan Acosta-Smith | OECD

10 May, 2024 The interplay of transparency and market liquidity for government bonds: Where do the US and EU regulators stand?
Policy Brief

Despoina Markella Bakopoulou | European Investment Bank (EIB)

Martin Scheicher | European Central Bank (ECB)

3 May, 2024 Unveiling the Truth: How Well Market-Based Networks Mirror Bank Exposures
Policy Brief

Ben Craig | Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Madina Karamysheva | HSE University

Dilyara Salakhova | IÉSEG School of Management

3 May, 2024 Insurance corporations' balance sheets, financial stability and monetary policy
Policy Brief

Christoph Kaufmann | European Central Bank (ECB)

Jaime Leyva | Banco de Portugal

Manuela Storz | European Central Bank (ECB)

25 Apr, 2024 Do European banks burnish their disclosures glossy green?
Policy Brief

Mariassunta Giannetti | Stockholm School of Economics

Martina Jasova | Columbia University

Maria Loumioti | University of Texas at Dallas

Caterina Mendicino | European Central Bank (ECB)

25 Apr, 2024 Financial development and the effectiveness of macroprudential and capital flow management measures
Policy Brief

Yusuf Soner Başkaya | University of Glasgow

Ilhyock Shim | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

12 Apr, 2024 Navigating How State Policies Impact the Venture Capital Landscape
Policy Brief

Matteo Aquilina | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Giulio Cornelli | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Marina Sanchez del Villar | European University Institute (EUI)

12 Apr, 2024 Projecting banks’ net interest income: an asset-liability approach, applied to the euro area
Policy Brief

Thibaut Gentil | Banque de France

Sébastien Ray | Banque de France

Oana Toader | Banque de France

12 Apr, 2024 Financial stability considerations in the conduct of monetary policy
Policy Brief

Paul Bochmann | European Central Bank (ECB)

Daniel Dieckelmann | European Central Bank (ECB)

Stephan Fahr | European Central Bank (ECB)

Josef Ruzicka | Nazarbayev University

21 Mar, 2024 Household financial fragility in Western Balkan countries before COVID-19
Policy Brief

Elona Dushku | Bank of Albania

21 Mar, 2024 Borrower-Based Macroprudential Measures and Credit Growth: How Biased is the Existing Literature?
Policy Brief

Simona Malovaná | Czech National Bank

Martin Hodula | Czech National Bank

Zuzana Gric | Czech National Bank

Josef Bajzík | Czech National Bank

14 Mar, 2024 Is the German banking sector exposed to climate-related transition risks?
Policy Brief

Paola D'Orazio | Technische Universität Chemnitz

Tobias Hertel | Consileon Frankfurt

Fynn Kasbrink | Ruhr-Universität Bochum

8 Mar, 2024 What Evidence Exists of Changes in Business Loan Collateral Conditions?
Policy Brief

Aicha Kharazi | University of Exeter

8 Mar, 2024 20 years of macroprudential policy – looking back and looking ahead
Policy Brief

Ján Klacso | National Bank of Slovakia

Reiner Martin | National Bank of Slovakia

22 Feb, 2024 Ad Hoc Bank Taxation and Credit Supply
Policy Brief

Matjaž Volk | Bank of Slovenia

22 Feb, 2024 The need for a better map of the global supply network
Policy Brief

Anton Pichler | Vienna University of Economics and Business

Christian Diem | Complexity Science Hub Vienna

Alexandra Brintrup | University of Cambridge

François Lafond | University of Oxford

Glenn Magerman | Université Libre de Bruxelles

Gert Buiten | Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek

Thomas Choi | Arizona State University

Vasco Carvalho | University of Cambridge

J. Doyne Farmer | University of Oxford

Stefan Thurner | Complexity Science Hub Vienna

22 Feb, 2024 Further integrating prudential and resolution frameworks for large EU banks. Some proposals.
Policy Brief

Maurizio Trapanese | Bank of Italy

Sabrina Bellacci | Bank of Italy

Marcello Bofondi | Bank of Italy

Giuseppe De Martino | Bank of Italy

Sebastiano Laviola | Single Resolution Board (SRB)

Valerio Vacca | Bank of Italy

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