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Marjolin Lectures

The SUERF Marjolin Lecture is delivered by distinguished financial economists, public officials, central bank governors and other leading authorities in the world of finance at SUERF's invitation.

Date SUERF Annual LectureLecture was delivered by
15 Sep, 2017Gaming the rules or ruling the game? – How to deal with regulatory arbitrageDanièle Nouy, Chair of the Supervisory Board of the ECB
04 Feb, 2016How Central Banks Meet the Challenge of Low InflationMario Draghi, President, European Central Bank
04 Jun, 2014Sustaining Growth in the Short and Medium TermOlivier Blanchard, IMF
05 Sep, 2012Money and Banking in Times of CrisisLorenzo Bini Smaghi, Harvard University
11 May, 2011New Paradigms in Central BankingAthanasios Orphanides, Central Bank of Cyprus
03 Sep, 2009On Monetary and Financial Stability – Past, Present and FutureJosé Viñals, IMF
13 Jun, 2008Observations on Future Trends in Asset Management: Challenges and OpportunitiesRobert C. Merton, John and Natty McArthur University, Harvard Business School
14 Oct, 2006Global Imbalances: What does population ageing imply for their evolutionBarry Eichengreen, University of California, Berkeley
16 Oct, 2004The Changing Pattern of Payments in the United StatesAnthony M. Santomero, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
14 Jun, 2003The Role of Central Banks in Promoting Financial Stability and the Hungarian ExperiencesZsigmond Járai, National Bank of Hungary
27 Oct, 2001The Inter-Temporal Nature of RiskCharles Goodhart , London School of Economics
27 Apr, 2000Is a Euroland Banking System Already Emerging?Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, European Central Bank
17 Oct, 1998Evolving Ambitions in Europe’s Monetary UnificationNiels Thygesen, University of Copenhagen
17 May, 1997Back to Fundamentals: Why a Monetary UnionAlexandre Lamfalussy, European Monetary Institute
20 Nov, 1995Central Banking and Market VolatilityRobert Raymond, European Monetary Institute

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