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Guidelines for SUERF Authors

Purpose and Scope
SUERF welcomes the submission of manuscripts for possible publication in the SUERF publication programme. The subject matter should be of interest to members of SUERF’s three constituencies – the academic community, practitioners of financial institutions and central bankers/supervisors. The submissions should be original, of a high scientific standard, well structured, not too technical and with clear practical and/or policy implications.

Preparation before submitting your manuscript for editing

- Language - All submissions must be written in English (American or British usage is accepted, but not a mixture). Prior to submitting your manuscript, please set spell-check to American (US) or English (UK).

- Article structure - Submissions should be made electronically, as a Microsoft Word document or .pdf file. The text should be in single column format. The length of articles varies according to publication category. Please note that if accepted the text will be required in an editable format for the layout process. The analysis in the main body of the text should not be excessively technical. Technical material can be included as an Appendix.

- Abstract – Please provide an abstract of no more than 700 characters (without spaces) on page 2 of the manuscript. Abstracts should explain to the general reader the key issues as well as the main results and implications of the article.

- Author(s)’ names and affiliations - Please indicate full name, titles, position and the authors’ affiliation at the time when the paper was written. Provide the contact details of corresponding author who will handle correspondence at all stages of refereeing and publication, also post-publication.

- Keywords and JEL-codes - Authors are asked always to write keywords and JEL-codes on page 1 in their manuscript.

- Submission declaration - Manuscripts must not have been formally published elsewhere. If a paper is submitted which has earlier been accessible as a working paper on the website of an institution or a university, this should be stated when the paper is submitted, although prior circulation on the internet does not preclude publication by SUERF.

- Copyright  - will be transferred to SUERF. Re-publication can be negotiated with SUERF and will normally be granted provided that SUERF and the permission granted by SUERF are indicated on the front page of the publication.  All SUERF Publications are available for free download from our website in PDF format.

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