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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

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The COVID pandemic and other major current economic challenges accentuate the role of economic perceptions for economic agents’ behavior, for optimal economic policy responses and their communication. In the financial sphere, the role of Fintech challenges established financial institutions’ business models and at the same time requires consumers to quickly and sharply adjust their user behavior of financial and payments services. What role does gender play in these fields? Does gender influence perceptions and the speed and mode of adjustment to new economic developments and to rapidly changing financial services towards Fintech? How can the gender mix among experts, policy and decision makers affect the conception and development of economic policy responses and of Fintech, to ensure fair and equal access and benefits for all, irrespective of gender? This meeting will bring together policy makers, academics, and financial industry representatives to address gender-related aspects and to share best practices in the field.

Scientific Committee
Sylvie Goulard, Banque de France; Ernest Gnan, OeNB and SUERF


Tuesday, 8 March 2022
Opening and welcome
Ernest Gnan, OeNB and SUERF
Session 1 — Gender and economic perceptions: Implication for policy making
Sabine Mauderer, Member of the Executive Board, Deutsche Bundesbank
Introduction and moderation: Sylvie Goulard, Second Deputy Governor, Banque de France
Cecilia Garcia-Peñalosa, Research Professor, Aix-Marseille University; Fellow of CESIFO and CEPR
Ulrike Malmendier, Professor, University of Berkeley
Session 2  Gender and FinTech
Moderation: Yael Selfin, Chief Economist, KPMG and SUERF
Sharon Chen, EY Global FinTech Strategy

Fintech Driving Reinvention

Susanne Chishti, CEO, FinTech Circle presentation

Gender, the Economy and Digitalization

Claudia Guagliano, Head of Unit – Innovation, Products and Technology, ESMA presentation
Alexandra Maniati, Senior Director, Innovation & Cybersecurity, European Banking Federation
Caroline Lamaud Dupont, Co-founder of Anaxago