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Annual Lectures

The SUERF Annual Lecture was first held in 1992 and since then a succession of eminent speakers have delivered the Annual Lecture on a variety of topics around Europe.

Date SUERF Annual LectureLecture was delivered by
22 Sep, 2023SUERF Annual Lecture 2023: Defining the research frontier for MPP – where to go from here?by Thorsten Beck
09 Nov, 2022SUERF Annual Lecture 2022: The burst of high inflation in 2021-22: How and why did we get here?by Ricardo Reis
11 Dec, 2020SUERF Annual Lecture 2020: "Consequences for banks’ business from COVID-19 and policy responses"by Francesco Mazzaferro
08 Nov, 2019SUERF Annual Lecture 2019: "Central banking in challenging times"by Claudio Borio
10 Apr, 2018SUERF Annual Lecture 2018: "Monetary policy normalization: scenarios and risks"by Ewald Nowotny
30 May, 2017SUERF Annual Lecture 2017: "Is the post-crisis financial system more resilient? What remains to be done?"by Erkki Liikanen
09 Dec, 2016SUERF Annual Lecture 2016: "FinTech and Central Banks"by Jan Smets
03 Dec, 2015SUERF Annual Lecture 2015: "Capital and Banks"by David Miles
14 Nov, 2014SUERF Annual Lecture 2014: "Is there a crisis in securities regulation?"by Sir Paul Tucker
04 Oct, 2013SUERF Annual Lecture 2013: "The value of banks and the financial sector after the end of the great financial expansion"by Lex Hoogduin
18 Jun, 2012SUERF Annual Lecture 2012: "The Interaction of Political, Fiscal and Financial Stability: Lessons from the Crisis"by András Simor
22 Sep, 2011SUERF Annual Lecture 2011: "Risk Management: A supervisor’s view"by Gabriel Bernardino
23 Jun, 2010SUERF Annual Lecture 2010: "The Role of domestic financial markets in an integrated Europe"by Manfred Schepers
16 Nov, 2009SUERF Annual Lecture 2009: "Unconventional monetary policies in time of crisis"by Jaime Caruana
11 Sep, 2008SUERF Annual Lecture 2008: "Finance for Innovation and Growth"by Vitor Gaspar
22 Jun, 2007SUERF Annual Lecture 2007: "Problems and Prospects for Enlargement of the Eurozone"by Paul de Grauwe
07 Dec, 2006SUERF Annual Lecture 2006: "Hedge Funds: What should be the regulatory response?"by Sir Callum McCarthy
30 Nov, 2005SUERF Annual Lecture 2005: "Stock Market Consolidation and Securities Market Regulation in Europe"by Charlie McCreevy
25 Nov, 2004SUERF Annual Lecture 2004: "The Future of EU Financial Market Integration: A Post-FSAP Agenda" by Rolf-E. Breuer
24 Oct, 2003SUERF Annual Lecture 2003: "Optimal Currency Areas and Discipline of Economic Policies"by Jean-Claude Trichet
03 Dec, 2002SUERF Annual Lecture 2002: "A more comprehensive approach to Capital Regulation"by Claes Norgren
03 May, 2001SUERF Annual Lecture 2001: "Challenging Times for Regulation of the Financial Services Industry"by Baron Alexandre Lamfalussy
26 Oct, 2000SUERF Annual Lecture 2000: "Central Banking and the Choice of Currency Regime in Transition Economies"by Willem Buiter
10 Jun, 1999SUERF Annual Lecture 1999: "The Euro - a stable currency for Europe"by Otmar Issing
23 Oct, 1997SUERF Annual Lecture 1997: "Monetary co-operation beyond the year 2000 from respectively a French, European and Global perspective"by Jean-Claude Trichet
14 May, 1996SUERF Annual Lecture 1996: "The Economic and Monetary Union In the Framework of a United Europe"by Jacques Delors
20 Oct, 1994SUERF Annual Lecture 1994: "Highly Public-Indebted Countries, Monetary Reform and Convergence Towards EMU" by Mario Monti
13 May, 1993SUERF Annual Lecture 1993: "Monetary co-operation in a changing financial environment"by Wim F. Duisenberg
05 Mar, 1992SUERF Annual Lecture 1992: "The restructuring of the financial industry: a central banking perspective"by Alexandre Lamfalussy

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