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SUERF is the abbreviation of the Association's original name "Société Universitaire Européenne de Recherches Financières", under which the Association was originally registered.

The Association

SUERF – The European Money and Finance Forum was established on 25 November 1963 in Louveciennes, France, by a group of academics and bankers from France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium. SUERF is a network association of practitioners in the financial sector, central bankers and regulators, as well as academics. The focus of the Association is on the analysis, discussion and understanding of financial markets and institutions, the monetary economy, the conduct of regulation, supervision and monetary policy, and related issues. SUERF’s events provide a unique European network for the analysis and discussion of these and related issues.

SUERF has evolved as a unique forum for the exchange of information, research results and ideas. Its membership embraces central banks and supervisors from most European countries, including the European Central Bank and the Bank for International Settlements, financial institutions, academic Institutions and their representatives. There is a clear advantage in facilitating dialogue between the different constituencies so that each gains from the perspectives of the others. Members are drawn from all over Europe and beyond.

Objectives and Strengths

The objectives of the Association are:

  • To promote contacts between practitioners (whether in the public or private sector) and academics, and to act as a forum for the discussion of monetary and financial issues;
  • To sponsor and publish policy-oriented, practitioner-friendly, original research in these areas by both academics (experienced and younger) and practitioners;
  • To organise international events and meetings, focussing on topics central to members' interests and, as appropriate, jointly with other like-minded bodies.

Several factors underpin SUERF’s successful evolution:

  • The membership mix of central bankers, private financial sector practitioners, and academics forms a unique European network;
  • The topics of events and publications are of immediate interest and relevance to members;
  • The unique membership mix ensures a non-partisan diversity of views and perspectives and encourages new thinking. SUERF’s focus on Europe ensures direct relevance to specifically European financial issues;
  • SUERF events invariably attract distinguished and authoritative speakers;
  • SUERF’s wide range of publications are written by eminent scholars and practitioners, are of immediate interest to SUERF members, and make significant contributions to important financial issues;
  • SUERF’s strong and distinguished Council of Management is carefully selected from the Association's constituencies across Europe.

SUERF's Mission Statement

"SUERF aims to be the pre-eminent independent non-profit European Association designed to create an active network between professional economists, financial practitioners, central bankers and supervisors for the analysis and mutual understanding of monetary and financial issues. This is achieved by international events, publications, and the sponsoring of research."

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