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The SSM at 1
The SSM at 1

32nd SUERF Colloquium and Deutsche Bundesbank/Foundation Geld und Währung Conference

The SSM at 1

3-4 February 2016
Regional Office of the Deutsche Bundesbank in Hesse
Taunusanlage 5
60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

As from 4 November 2014, the ECB was mandated the role to supervise centrally the financial stability of systemically relevant financial institutions based in participating countries. The Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) is the first established part of the EU Banking Union (EBU) and will function in conjunction to the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM). At the Colloquium experience with the SSM in the first year of its existence will be summarized. It will be evaluated to which extent the SSM is already fulfilling the declared objectives. Areas of necessary improvements will be identified. Effects on banks, credit and the macroeconomy will be discussed. The Colloquium will bring together policy makers and supervisors, academics and financial industry practitioners to exchange their views.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016
13:00 Registration and Coffee
13:30 Opening and welcome

Erich Loeper, Deutsche Bundesbank

Urs Birchler, SUERF President and University of Zurich

14:00 Keynote Speech I

Monetary policy in the clutches of financial stability?
Luc Laeven, ECB
Luc Laeven_2016 FrankfurtLuc Laeven_2016 Frankfurt

14:45 Coffee and Poster Session
Poster Viewing with presenting Authors

Poster Presentations

Zero Risk Contagion: Banks' Sovereign Exposure and Sovereign Risk Spillovers, by Sascha Steffen
Is the Comprehensive Assessment really comprehensive, by Roberto Baviera
Multinational Banks and Supranational Supervision, by Jean-Edouard Colliard
Believe me, it will be enough, Governmental guarantees and banks’ risk taking in the fair value portfolio, by Jan Riepe and Maximillian Muhn
Rules and Discretion(s) in Prudential Regulation and Supervision: Evidence from EU Banks in the Run-Up to the Crisis, by Alessandro D. Scopelliti
Banks vs SSM: The party has just started..., by Anna Damaskou
Can Financial Cycle Dynamics Predict Bank Distress?, by Hanno Stremmel
Business models and their impact on bank performance: A long-term perspective, by Frederik Mergaerts

16:00 Panel: Interaction of micro-/macroprudential policies and monetary policy

Chair: Jens Ulbrich, Deutsche Bundesbank and SUERF

Claudio Borio, Bank for International Settlements
Claudio Borio_2016 FrankfurtClaudio Borio_2016 Frankfurt

Sergio Nicoletti-Altimari, ECB
Nicoletti-Altimari_2016 FrankfurtNicoletti-Altimari_2016 Frankfurt

17:30 Keynote Speech II

Chair: Natacha Valla, CEPII Paris, EIB and SUERF

Should banking supervision and monetary policy be separated?
Isabel Schnabel, University of Bonn and German Council of Economic Experts

18:20 Presentation of the Marjolin Prize 2016
18:30 End of first day’s proceedings
19:30 Dinner

Dinner Speaker
Andreas Dombret, Deutsche Bundesbank
Andreas Dombret_2016 FrankfurtAndreas Dombret_2016 Frankfurt

Thursday, 4 February 2016
09:00 2016 Marjolin Lecture

Chair: Urs Birchler, SUERF President and University of Zurich

Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank
President Mario Draghi, 2016 SUERF Marjolin LecturePresident Mario Draghi, 2016 SUERF Marjolin Lecture

10:00 Coffee
10:30 Panel I: The SSM after the Comprehensive Assessment. Has the CA served its purpose? Have legacy assets been dealt with effectively?

Moderator: Daniel Schäfer, Handelsblatt

Martin Blessing, Commerzbank

Klaas Knot, De Nederlandsche Bank

Felix Hufeld, BaFin

12:00 Interview: Completing the Banking Union/Capital Markets Union - where do we stand?

Moderator: Mark Schieritz, Die ZEIT

Claudia Buch, Deutsche Bundesbank

12:30 Lunch
12:30-12:45 SUERF General Assembly (SUERF Members only)
13:45 Keynote Speech

Chair: Carl-Christoph Hedrich, Commerzbank and SUERF

Macroprudential policies to contain systemic risks
Ignazio Angeloni, Supervisory Board

14:30 Panel II: Banks’ business models: trends towards specialisation or outsourcing to the shadow banking system? Do we need a “shadow banking union”?

Moderator: Mark Schieritz, Die ZEIT

Svein Andresen, Financial Stability Board
Svein Andresen_2016 FrankfurtSvein Andresen_2016 Frankfurt

Ludger Schuknecht, Bundesministerium der Finanzen
Ludger Schuknecht_2016 FrankfurtLudger Schuknecht_2016 Frankfurt

Enrico Perotti, University of Amsterdam
Enrico Perotti_2016 FrankfurtEnrico Perotti_2016 Frankfurt

Christian Thimann, Axa
Christian Thimann_2016 FrankfurtChristian Thimann_2016 Frankfurt

16:00 End of Colloquium

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