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SUERF/UniCredit Foundation Research Prize

The SUERF/UniCredit Foundation Research Prize was inaugurated in 2013, and rewards outstanding papers, up to two prizes, submitted on a specific topic. The prize is open to papers completed within 12 months of the entry deadline by authors and co-authors who are citizens or residents/students in the EEA, Switzerland or other countries in which UniCredit is present, aged under 35 by the closing date of the competition. The winning papers are presented at a joint workshop. www.unicreditfoundation.org


2018 Prize Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 6th SUERF/UniCredit Foundation Research Prize on the topic of “Green finance”:

Dejan Glavas, ESCP Europe
Paper: How Do Equity Investors React to Green Bond Issuance Announcements?

Olivier David Zerbib, Tilburg University
Paper: The effect of pro-environmental preferences on bond prices: Evidence from green bonds

Dejan Glavas and Olivier David Zerbib will present their papers in a half-day workshop in Vienna, on 24 January 2019, at WU Wien (Vienna University of Economics and Business).

To attend the workshop, please register here.

Document: CfP - Green Finance


2017 Prize Winners

The 5th SUERF/UniCredit & Universities Foundation Research Prize was awarded to two outstanding papers (each of EUR 2,500) submitted to a Call for Papers on the topic of  “Current and future topics in sovereign debt markets": Sergio de Ferra, Stockholm University, for his paper "External Imbalances, Gross Capital Flows and Sovereign Debt Crises", and Malin Gardberg, Erasmus University Rotterdam, for her paper "Linking net foreign portfolio debt and equity to exchange rate movements".

The papers were presented in a workshop at WU Wien (Vienna University of Economics and Business) on 25 January 2018. 


Previous Awards

2016 Prize Winners
The 4th SUERF/UniCredit & Universities Foundation Research Prize was awarded to two outstanding papers (each of EUR 3,000) submitted to a Call for Papers on the topic of  “Asset management at crossroads”. Heiko Jacobs (University of Mannheim) with the paper "Beta and Biased Beliefs" and  Mancy Luo (Ph.D. candidate in finance at Tilburg University) with the paper "Financial Product Design and Catering: Evidence from the Global Mutual Fund Industry were awarded at a SUERF/UniCredit & Universities Foundation workshopheld in Vienna on 26 January 2017, at WU University (Vienna University of Economics and Business).

2015 Prize Winners
Given the technical complexity of the issue, "The future of retail banking", the Scientific Committee has selected only one prize. The winner is Miguel Faria-e-Castro with the paper "Central Bank Interventions, Demand for Collateral, and Sovereign Borrowing Costs" co-authored by Matteo Crosignani e Luis Fonseca. The winning paper will receive €5,000 gross and will be presented during the annual UniCredit & Foundation Award ceremony in June 2016, in Milan.

2014 Prize Winners
2nd SUERF/UniCredit & Universities Foundation Research Prize on the topic of "Reregulation of the financial sector – economic consequences, costs and benefits":
Ettore Panetti
, Banco de Portugal, and Elena Mattana, Université catholique de Louvain-CORE, were awarded for their paper on "A dynamic quantitative macroeconomic model of bank runs".
Roberto Robatto, University of Wisconsin Madison, was awarded for his paper on "Financial crises and systemic bank runs in a dynamic model of banking".


2013 Prize Winners
1st SUERF/UniCredit & Universities Foundation Research Prize on the topic of "Banking and Financial Markets between Integration and Segmentation after the Crisis":
Jean-Edouard Colliard
, ECB, was awarded for his paper on "Monitoring the supervisors: optimal regulatory architecture in a banking union".
Lena Tonzer, European University Institute and Manuel Buchholz, IWH Halle and University of Tübingen, were awarded for their paper on "Sovereign credit risk co-movements in the Eurozone: Simple interdependence or contagion?".



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