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Cash on Trial, mk II
Economics, Technology and Institutions

Edited and Introduced by Urs Birchler, Ernest Gnan, Carl-Christoph Hedrich and Jens Ulbrich

A joint publication with the Deutsche Bundesbank and Foundation Geld und Währung

ISBN: 978-3-902109-88-0

Keywords: cash, central bank digital currencies, cash limit, crime, corruption, financial proceeds,
money laundering, money, monetary theory, zero lower bound

JEL-codes: C80, C82, E02, E42, E50, H56, K42, O17, Y1


Cash on trial, mkII
Urs W. Birchler, Ernest Gnan, Carl-Christoph Hedrich and
Jens Ulbrich

Cash on trial: welcome remarks
Jens Ulbrich

Cash payments and payment behaviour in the euro area
Doris Schneeberger and Niels Riedel

What is money? Comparing cash and central bank digital currencies
Morten Bech and Amber Wadsworth

Considerations for a cashless future
Cecilia Skingsley

Cash and the zero-lower-bound constraint
Katrin Assenmacher

Stability oriented monetary policy and cash – no contradiction!
Fritz Zurbrügg

Restricting or abolishing cash: An effective instrument for eliminating the shadow economy, corruption and terrorism?
Friedrich Schneider

Cash: Empowering the individual through data protection
Heike Mai

Libra: A new competitor among international currencies?
Beat Weber

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