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Shadow Banking: Financial Intermediation beyond Banks

Edited by Esa Jokivuolle, Bank of Finland

ISBN: 978-3-902109-86-6

Keywords: Asset management, Bank Runs, Banking Regulation, Capital Requirements, Chinese financial regulation, credit risk transfer, Crowdfunding, Deposit insurance, Deposit Insurance, Disintermediation, economic growth, Financial crisis, Financial Intermediation, FinTech, fire sales, Information economics, investment, Leakage, liquidity, Macroprudential Policies, Mutual funds, Securitization, Security design, Shadow Banking, Shadow banking system, Risk measures, Spillovers, Systemic risk, Traditional Banking.

JEL-codes: E32, E44, E58, , E61, G00, G01, G10, G11, G21, G23, G28, G38, F34, F41.

Key Insights from a Colloquium jointly organised by SUERF and Bank of Finland – Helsinki, 14-15 September 2017
Esa Jokivuolle, SUERF and Bank of Finland

Shadow Banking and Market-Based Finance
Tobias Adrian

Four questions on shadow banking
Christian Upper

Recent developments in Chinese shadow banking
Michael Chui and Christian Upper

The current landscape: Markets and players, competitors and complementarities
Antti Suhonen

Gaming the rules or ruling the game? – How to deal with regulatory arbitrage
Danièle Nouy

The role of regulation and supervision in shadow banking: An insurance sector perspective
Dimitris Zafeiris

The role of regulation and supervision in the shadow banking sector: The EU perspective
Stan Maes

Looking ahead: Forthcoming financial innovations and institutions – Opportunities and risks from a financial stability perspective
Saskia de Vries-van Ewijk

Traditional and Shadow Banks During the Crisis
Edouard Chrétien and Victor Lyonnet

Vulnerable Asset Management?
Christoph Fricke and Daniel Fricke

A critical review of the statistics on the size and riskiness of the securitization market: evidence from Italy and other euro-area countries
Giorgio Nuzzo

A Securitization-based Model of Shadow Banking with Surplus Extraction and Credit Risk Transfer
Patrizio Morganti

Shadow Banking and Financial Stability under Limited Deposit Insurance
Lukas Voellmy

Shadow Banking, Macroprudential Regulation and Financial Stability
Margarita Rubio

Summary of Profit Sharing: A Contracting Solution to Harness the Wisdom of the Crowd
Jiasun Li

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