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The SSM at 1

Editor(s): Jens Ulbrich, Carl-Christoph Hedrich and Morten Balling
ISBN: 978-3-902109-82-8

A joint publication with the Deutsche Bundesbank and Foundation Geld und Währung

Jens Ulbrich, Carl-Christoph Hedrich and Morten Balling

Monetary policy in the clutches of financial stability?
Luc Laeven

How central banks meet the challenge of low inflation
Mario Draghi

A success story? Reflecting on one year of European banking supervision
Andreas Dombret

Macroprudential policies to contain systemic risks
Ignazio Angeloni

Monetary and macroprudential policies in the euro area
Sergio Nicoletti-Altimari

Has the stability of the big Eurozone banks improved after the comprehensive assessment?
Felix Hufeld

Non-bank financing and regulatory and fiscal challenges
Hendrik Ritter and Ludger Schuknecht

Views on insurance, regulation and the macro environment
Christian Thimann

A ‘Sovereign Subsidy’ – Zero risk weights and sovereign risk spillovers
Josef A. Korte and Sascha Steffen

Is the comprehensive assessment really comprehensive?
Emilio Barucci, Roberto Baviera and Carlo Milani

The SSM and multinational banks
Giacomo Calzolari, Jean-Edouard Colliard and Gyöngyi Lóránth

Believe me, it will be enough
Ulf Mohrmann, Maximilian Muhn, Martin Nienhaus and Jan Riepe

Prudential regulation, national differences and stability of EU banks
Angela Maddaloni and Alessandro D. Scopelliti

Banks v. SSM: the party has just started...
Anna Damaskou

Can financial cycle dynamics predict bank distress
Giannoula Karamichailidou, David G. Mayes and Hanno Stremmel

Keywords: Accounting standards, asset quality review, asset valuation, bail-in, bail-out, bank Business models, bank concentration, bank distress, bank performance, bank profitability, bank resolution, banking failures, banking supervision, Basel 3, BIS, CAMELS, capital adequacy, capital injections, capital ratios, capital requirements, CDS-spreads, central banks, CoCos, comprehensive assessments, credit quality, debt service ratios, deposit guarantee, Draghi-Put, early-warning, earnings ability, Euro zone, European Banking Authority (EBA), European Banking Union (EBU), European Central Bank (ECB), European Commission, financial cycles, financial stability, funding costs, funding ratios, global financial crisis, financial stress, government guarantees, IMF, inflation targeting, IRB approach, level-3 fair value, liquidity facilities, loan-loss provisions, macroprudential policies, market discipline, monetary policy, multinational banks, procyclicality of credit, prudential regulation, quantitative easing, regulatory arbitrage, resilience, return on assets (ROA), return on equity (ROE), risk management, risk taking, risk-weighted capital ratios, robustness tests, shadow banking, Single Rule Book, Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), sovereign debt crisis, sovereign debt spreads, sovereign risk, stress tests, supervisory authority, systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs), systemic risk, transmission mechanisms, transparency, volatility of asset prices

JEL-codes: E50, E52, E58, E65, F33, F36, F42, G21, G22, G28, G32, K33, O16, O17, O52

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