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Banking Reform

Editor(s): Patricia Jackson
ISBN: 978-3-902109-81-1

The present SUERF Conference Proceedings 2016/2 includes a selection of papers based on the authors's contribution to the SUERF conference on Banking Reform hosted by EY, in London on 3rd December, 2015.


Patricia Jackson and Clément Wyplosz

Keynote Speech – Banking Reform
Sir Howard Davies

Regulatory Failure and Regulatory Change
David Miles

Comments by Charles Goodhart on David Miles’ Contribution

Raising Bank Capital and the Implications for the Cost of Capital
Harald Benink

Simpler Capital Requirements versus Risk-Based – The Evidence
Patricia Jackson

Proportionality in Bank Regulation
David T. Llewellyn

Six Structures in Search of Stability
Thomas F. Huertas

Structural Reform
Charles Goodhart

Keynote Speech The Banking Standards Board
Dame Colette Bowe

Risk Culture and Information
Mike Power

Keywords: Bank business models, bank capital regulation, bank costs of capital, bankruptcy costs, bank solvency, bail-in, bail-out, Basel 3, capital requirements, complexity of regulation, compliance costs, deleveraging, deposit guarantees, financial innovation, financial stability, fintech, funding,  governance of banks, information disclosure, Interconnectedness, investment banking, leverage ratios, liquidity requirements, loss-absorbing capacity, opaqueness, proportionality of regulation, regulatory arbitrage, regulatory fatigue, resolution, ring-fencing, risk-based requirements, risk culture, risk management, shadow banking, too big to fail, Volcker rule.

JEL-codes: E44, E53, F36, G21, G24, G28, G32, G33.

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Conference Proceedings 2016/2Conference Proceedings 2016/2

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