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European Financial Cross-Border Consolidation: At the crossroads in Europe? By exception, evolution or revolution?  

by Jean-Paul Abraham & Peter Van Dijcke

ISBN 3-902109-14-9
Abstract: In the context of the New Economics of Banking, the study analyses crossborder financial consolidation from the point of view of bank strategies. The main hypothesis of the work is that, in the present decade, the Pan-European landscape of the financial sector will be determined by what is happening in a limited number of banks,this number being rather arbitrarily fixed at 100. The basic issue to be clarified is not whether a second round of cross-border mergers and acquisitions will occur after the present pause; but how it will occur: according to an ‘evolution’ or a ‘revolution’ scenario. In the study, the sample comprises the 100 largest banking groups in Europe, selected on the basis of the Bankscope data. This sample is supposed to be composed of subgroups with similar characteristics, which can be discovered by statistical analysis, using clustering techniques. The clusters help identify peer groups.

Additional Info
Keywords: Financial consolidation, cross-border M&A, European and global financial integration
JEL Codes: G15, G21, G34
ISBN No.: 3-902109-14-9
Authors: Jean-Paul Abraham & Peter Van Dijcke

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