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Banking After Regulatory Reforms -
Business as Usual?

edited by Esa Jokivuolle and Jouko Vilmunen; Vienna, 2014

ISBN 978-3-902109-74-3

A joint publication with the Bank of Finland
The 5th SUERF/Bank of Finland joint conference was held in Helsinki on 13 June 2013. The general theme of the conference was to focus on the regulatory reforms after the global financial crisis and, in particular, how structural reforms of banking (“Volcker, Vickers and Liikanen”) could still complement them. The working hypothesis for the conference was that regulatory changes are likely to affect banks’ business models, and regulations on banks’ structure would interfere with business models most directly. This volume comprises five chapters which are based on the key policy oriented presentations in the conference.

Esa Jokivuolle and Jouko Vilmunen

Structural measures to improve the resilience of the EU banking system
Javier Arribas Quintana, Mattias Levin and Elleonora Soares

Regulatory and resolution measures needed to foster market discipline
Jukka Vesala

Guarding against Systemic Risk: the Remaining Agenda
Alan S. Blinder

On the size and structure of the banking sector
Erkki Liikanen

Banking reform and macroprudential regulation: implications for banks’ capital structure and credit conditions
Paul Tucker

Keywords: Bank structure, banking regulation, Liikanen report, macroprudential regulation,resolution, systemic risk
JEL Codes: G21, G28, L51
ISBN No.: 978-3-902109-74-3
Authors: Javier Arribas Quintana, Mattias Levin and Elleonora Soares, Jukka Vesala, Alan S.Blinder, Erkki Liikanen, Paul Tucker
Editors: Esa Jokivuolle and Jouko Vilmune

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