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Property Prices and Real Estate Financing in a Turbulent World

edited by Morten Balling and Jesper Berg Vienna, 2013

ISBN 978-3-902109-70-5
On 15th November 2012 in Copenhagen, SUERF and Nykredit in association with Danmarks Nationalbank organised a conference on “Property prices and real estate financing in a turbulent world.” The papers included in this SUERF Study are based on contributions to the conference.

Morten Balling and Jesper Berg
Property Prices, Debt and Financial Stability
Per Callesen
The Fundamental Economic Term of Commercial Real-Estate in UK
Radu Tunaru
Dealing with Real Estate Booms
Giovanni Dell’Ariccia and Deniz Igan
Restrictions to Credit on Real Estate: Implications for Monetary Policy and Welfare
Margarita Rubio and José A. Carrasco-Gallego
Inside a Bubble and Crash – Evidence from the Valuation of Amenities
Ronan C. Lyons
Housing Bubbles and Expected Returns to Homeownership – Lessons and Policy Implications
Marius Jurgilas and Kevin J. Lansing
A Heavenly Match or Recent Developments in Mortgage Lending in the EU and Some Tentative Reflections on its Positioning in the Financial Structure
Jesper Berg, Christian Sinding Bentzen, Morten Bækmand Nielsen and Henrik Schönemann
The Case for Accelerated Amortization
Alan Boyce, R. Glenn Hubbard, Christopher Mayer and James Witkin

Additional Info
Keywords: Commercial real estate, United Kingdom, Real estate booms, bubbles, financial and macroeconomic stability, Real estate credit, monetary policy, welfare, DSGE, LTV, Ireland, housing market cycle, property ladder, amenity prices. Housing bubbles, household debt, foreclosures, Norway, United States, Mortgages, EU, mortgage models, housing-related debt, Accelerated amortization, mortgage delinquency, refinancing, impact to tax payers
JEL Codes: G21, R21, R31, R38
ISBN No.: 978-3-902109-70-5
Authors: Morten Bækmand Nielsen, Jesper Berg, Christian Sinding Bentzen, Henrik Schönemann, Alan Boyce, R. Glenn Hubbard, Christopher Mayer, James Witkin, Per Callesen, Giovanni Dell’Ariccia, Deniz Igan, Kevin J. Lansing, Marius Jurgilus, Ronan Lyons, Margarita Rubio, José Carrasco-Gallego, Radu Tunaru
Editors: Morten Balling and Jesper Berg

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