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Monetary and Financial Thinking in Europe:
Evidence from Four Decades of SUERF

by Jean-Paul Abraham, Vienna, 2003

ISBN 3-902109-17-3
Introduction  by David T. Llewellyn
Over the past forty years there have been enormous changes in the international monetary systems, the role of private markets and institutions, and in European monetary arrangements. Jean-Paul’s volume provides an excellent set of insights into the nature, causes and implications of these changes. The text also creates a strong impression about SUERF and the contribution it has made through its choice of Colloquia topics and the quality of the many papers presented at them.
Part 1: A Survey of SUERF Colloquia Publications 1969-2003 (J-P. Abraham)

Section 1: An Overall Presentation
Section 2: Major Events, Dominant Themes and Outstanding Contributions in Five Distinct Periods
Period I: 1969- early 1974: The Demise of the Bretton Woods International Monetary System
Period II: Late 1974- early 1979: the Aftermath of Oil Shocks and Bank Failures
Period III: The Eighties: Disinflation, Exchange Rate Stabilisation, ‘Marketisation’ of Banking and Finance
Period IV: The Nineties: The Dominance of (unstable) Markets. The New Europe after Berlin and Maastricht. The strenuous but successful Road to EMU
Period V: 2000-2003: Adjusting West, Converging East?
Section 3: Constants and Change Through Four Decades
Part 2: An Anthology of SUERF Colloquia Publications 1969-2003 (J-P. Abraham) SUERF Colloquia and Colloquia Publications 1969-2003 in Figures and Locations

Colloquium 1: The Future of the International Monetary System
Colloquium 2: Monetary Policy and New Developments in Banking
Colloquium 3: Aspects of European Monetary Union
Colloquium 4: Multinational Enterprises – Financial and Monetary Aspects
Colloquium 5: Floating Exchange Rates – The Lessons of Recent Experience
Colloquium 6: The Development of Financial Institutions in Europe 1956-1976
Colloquium 7: New Approaches in Monetary Policy
Colloquium 8: Europe and the Dollar in the World-Wide Disequilibrium
Colloquium 9: Bank Management in a Changing Domestic and International Environment
Colloquium 10: International Lending in a Fragile World Economy
Colloquium 11: Government Policies and the Working of Financial Systems in Industrialized Countries
Colloquium 12: Shifting Frontiers in Financial Markets
Colloquium 13: International Monetary and Financial Integration – The European Dimension
Colloquium 14: The International Adjustment Process – New Perspectives, Recent Experience and Future Challenges for the Financial System
Colloquium 15: Financial Institutions in Europe Under New Competitive Conditions
Colloquium 16: Fiscal Policy, Taxation and the Financial System in an Increasingly Integrated Europe
Colloquium 17: The New Europe – Evolving Economic and Financial Systems in East and West
Colloquium 18: The Competitiveness of Financial Institutions and Centres in Europe
Colloquium 19: Risk Management in Volatile Financial Markets
Colloquium 20: Corporate Governance, Financial Markets and Global Convergence
Colloquium 21: The Euro – A Challenge and Opportunity for Financial Markets
Colloquium 22: Adapting to Financial Globalisation
Colloquium 23: Technology and Finance Challenges for Financial Markets, Business Strategies and Policy Makers
Colloquium 24: Stability and Efficiency of Financial Markets in Central and Eastern Europe

Additional Info
Keywords: Economic History, Monetary Policy, Financial Stability, Central Banking, International Monetary System, International Monetary Arrangements, European Monetary Integration, Financial Institutions and Services
JEL Codes: E42, E44, E52, E58, F33, F34, F36, G10, G20, G21, N14, N24
ISBN No.: 3-902109-17-3
Authors: Jean-Paul Abraham

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