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Crisis Management at Cross-Roads: Challenges facing cross-border financial institutions at the EU level

edited by Rym Ayadi, Morten Balling and Frank Lierman, Vienna/Brussels, March 2010

ISBN 978-3-902109-51-4

On 16th November 2009, SUERF, CEPS and the Belgian Financial Forum coorganized a conference “Crisis management at cross-roads” in Brussels. All papers in the present volume are based on contributions at the conference and the SUERF Annual Lecture which followed the event.

Rym Ayadi, Frank Lierman and Morten Balling
The Crisis Management Menu
Paul Tucker
The Impact of the Liquidity Crisis on Commercial Banks: the Case of Dexia
Johan Evenepoel
A Traffic Light Illustration of the Action of the European Central Bank During the 2007-2009 Crisis
Francesco Papadia
Crisis Management in the European Union: Experience Shows that the EU Needs Ambitious Progress
Freddy van den Spiegel
The Collapse of Icelandic Banks and cross-border collaboration
Ingimundur Fridriksson
Improving Cross-border Bank Resolution in Europe: A Focus on Burden-sharing
Peter Praet and Gregory Nguyen
Limits to the 'Lender of Last Resort', 'Too Big to Fail' and 'Too Big to Save' Theses
Frank Lierman and Morten Balling
Deposit Guarantee Schemes: How To Re-establish Clients’ Confidence
Rym Ayadi, Frank Lierman and Morten Balling
Proposals for Reforming Deposit Guarantee Schemes in Europe
Rym Ayadi and Rosa Lastra
Joint SUERF, CEPS and Belgian Financial Forum Conference on Crisis Management at Cross-Roads
Closing Speech by Governor Quaden
Unconventional Monetary Policies in Times of Crisis
Jaime Caruana

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