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The Theory of Financial Intermediation, An Essay on What it Does (Not) Explain

by Bert Scholtens and Dick van Wensveen, Vienna, 2003

ISBN 3-902109-15-7
This essay reflects upon the relationship between the current theory of financial intermediation and real-world practice. Our critical analysis of this theory leads to several building blocks of a new theory of financial intermediation.
The Perfect Model
Financial Intermediaries in the Economy
Modern Theories of Financial Intermediation
Critical Assessment
An Alternative Approach of Financial Intermediation
Building Blocks for an Amended Theory
A New Research Agenda

Additional Info
Keywords: Financial Intermediation, Corporate Finance, Assymetric Information, Economic Development, Risk Management, Value Creation, Risk Transformation
JEL Codes: E50, G10, G20, L20, O16
ISBN No.: 3-902109-15-7
Authors: Bert Scholtens and Dick van Wensveen

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