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SUERF Conference Proceedings and Studies

SUERF Conference Proceedings (formerly SUERF Studies) feature a selection of papers presented at SUERF Conferences. SUERF Conference Proceeding are available for download on our website. Printed volumes of publications (available up to and including Study 2015/1) are distributed free of charge to Members of the Association.
For Non-Members, printed copies are available for purchase from the Secretariat for EUR 40/volume.


Most Viewed Studies August 2023

1 2009/1 - Study
The Failure of Northern Rock: A multi-dimensional Case Study
2 2023/1 - Conference Proceedings
The Return of Inflation
3 2018/2 - Conference Proceedings
Do We Need Central Bank Digital Currency? Economics, Technology and Institutions
4 2021/1 - Conference Proceedings
Gender, Money and Finance
5 2014/2 - Study
The Value of Banks and Their Business Models to Society
2023Conference Proceedings2023/1The Return of InflationOesterreichische Nationalbank I SUERF
2021Conference Proceedings2021/1Gender, Money and FinanceOesterreichische Nationalbank I SUERF
2020Conference Proceedings2020/225 years of “Northern” EU enlargementOesterreichische Nationalbank I SUERF
 Conference Proceedings2020/1Populism, Economic, Policies and Central Bankingby Ernest Gnan and Donato Masciandaro
2019Conference Proceedings2019/2European Economic and Monetary Union: The first and the next 20 yearsOesterreichische Nationalbank
 Conference Proceedings2019/1Cash on Trial, mk II - Economics, Technology and Institutionsby Urs Birchler, Ernest Gnan, Carl-Christoph Hedrich and Jens Ulbrich
2018Conference Proceedings2018/2Do We Need Central Bank Digital Currency? Economics, Technology and Institutionsby Ernest Gnan and Donato Masciandaro
 Conference Proceedings2018/1Shadow Banking: Financial Intermediation beyond Banksby Esa Jokivuolle
2017Conference Proceedings2017/3The Financial System of the FutureOesterreichische Nationalbank
 Conference Proceedings2017/2New Challenges in Central Banking: Monetary Policy Governance and Macroprudential Issuesby Ernest Gnan and Donato Masciandaro
 Conference Proceedings2017/1Brexit and the implications for financial servicesby Patricia Jackson
2016Conference Proceedings2016/4Central Banking and Monetary Policy: what will be the post-crisis new normal?by Ernest Gnan and Donato Masciandaro
 Conference Proceedings2016/3The SSM at 1by Jens Ulbrich, Carl-Christoph Hedrich and Morten Balling
 Conference Proceedings2016/2Banking Reformby Patricia Jackson
 Occasional PapersNo 1The state as an intermediary to foster long-term investments: the case of the targeted European savings accountHans-Peter Burghof, Carola Müller
 Conference Proceedings2016/1Cash on Trialby Christian Beer, Ernest Gnan and Urs W. Birchler
2015Study2015/3Liquidity and Market Efficiency – Alive and well?by Esa Jokivuolle and Jouko Vilmunen
 Study2015/2Asset-Liability Management with Ultra-low Interest Ratesby Ernest Gnan and Christian Beer
 Study2015/1Challenges in Securities Markets Regulation: Investor Protection and Corporate Governanceby Pablo Gasós, Ernest Gnan and Morten Balling
2014Study2014/4Money, Regulation and Growth: Financing New Growth in Europeby Marc Quintyn, Donato Masciandaro, Frank Lierman and Morten Balling
 Study2014/3Banking After Regulatory Reforms - Business as Usual?by Esa Jokivuolle and Jouko Vilmunen
 Study2014/2The Value of Banks and Their Business Models to Societyby Allard Bruinshoofd and Jakob de Haan
 Study2014/1The Effectiveness of Capital Adequacy Measures in Predicting Bank Distressby David Mayes and Hanno Stremmel
2013Study2013/5The Future of Sovereign Borrowing in Europeby Morten Balling, Ernest Gnan and Johannes Holler
 Study2013/4Property Prices and Real Estate Financing in a Turbulent Worldby Morten Balling and Jesper Berg
 Study2013/3States, Banks and the Financing of the Economy: Monetary Policy and Regulatory Perspectivesby Morten Balling, Ernest Gnan & Patricia Jackson
 Study2013/2States, Banks, and the Financing of the Economy: Fiscal Policy and Sovereign Risk Perspectivesby Morten Balling, Peter Egger & Ernest Gnan
 Study2013/1The Interaction of Political, Fiscal and Financial Stability: Lessons from the Crisisby Ernest Gnan
2012Study2012/5Developing Distress Resolution Procedures for Financial Institutions by Clas Wihlborg
 Study2012/4The ESRB at 1by Stefan Gerlach, Ernest Gnan and Jens Ulbrich
 Study2012/3Future Risks and Fragilities for Financial Stability by David T. Llewellyn and Richard Reid
 Study2012/2New Paradigms in Banking, Financial Markets and Regulation? by Morten Balling, Frank Lierman, Freddy Van den Spiegel, Rym Ayadi and David T. Llewellyn
 Study2012/1New Paradigms in Monetary Theory and Policy? by Morten Balling and David T. Llewellyn
2011Study2011/5Roles, Missions and Business Models of Public Financial Institutions in Europe by Mathias Schmit, Laurent Gheeraert, Tierry Denuit, Cédric Warny
 Study2011/4Divergence of Risk Indicators and the Conditions for Market Discipline in Bankingby Jens Forssbaeck
 Study2011/3Monetary Policy After the Crisisby Ernest Gnan, Ryszard Kokoszczynski, Tomasz Łyziak & Robert McCauley
 Study2011/2Regulation and Banking After the Crisisby Frank Browne, David T. Llewellyn and Philip Molyneux
 Study2011/1The Future of Banking in CESEE after the Financial Crisisby Attila Csajbók and Ernest Gnan
2010Study2010/5Contagion and Spillovers: New Insights from the Crisisby Peter Backé, Ernest Gnan and Philipp Hartmann
 Study2010/4The Quest for Stability: The Financial Stability View by Morten Balling, Jan Marc Berk and Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn
 Study2010/3The Quest for Stability: The View of Financial Institutions by Morten Balling, Jan Marc Berk and Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn
 Study2010/2The Quest for Stability: The Macro Viewby Morten Balling, Jan Marc Berk and Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn
 Study2010/1Crisis Management at Cross-Roads - Challenges facing cross-border financial institutions at the EU levelby Rym Ayadi, Morten Balling and Frank Lierman
2009Study2009/5Design, Structure and Implementation of a Modern Deposit Insurance Schemeby Beat Bernet and Susanna Walter
 Study2009/4Productivity in the Financial Services Sectorby Morten Balling, Ernest Gnan, Frank Lierman and Jean-Pierre Schoder
 Study2009/3Financing SMEs in Europeby Morten Balling, Beat Bernet and Ernest Gnan
 Study2009/2Current Trends in the Russian Financial Systemby Morten Balling
 Study2009/1The Failure of Northern Rock: A multi-dimensional Case Studyby Franco Bruni and David T. Llewellyn
2008Study2008/5Asset Management in Volatile Marketsby Morten Balling, Ernest Gnan and Catherine Lubochinsky
 Study2008/4Monetary Policy, Regulation and Volatile Marketsby Morten Balling, Ernest Gnan and Catherine Lubochinsky
 Study2008/3Macroeconomic Differentials and Adjustment in the Euro Areaby Iulia Siedschlag
 Study2008/2Commodities, Energy and Financeby Ernest Gnan and Már Gudmundsson
 Study2008/1Monetary Policy Transmission in Poland: A Study of the Importance of Interest Rate and Credit Channelsby Tomasz Łyziak, Jan Przystupa and Ewa Wróbel
2007Study2007/4Governance of Financial Supervisors and its Effects – a Stocktaking Exerciseby Marc Quintyn
 Study2007/3Corporate Governance in Financial Institutionsby Spyros G. Stavrinakis; Christian Harm; David T. Llewellyn; Bridget Gandy, Peter Shaw, Peter Tebbutt and Mark Young
 Study2007/2Economic Convergence in South-Eastern Europe: Will the Financial Sector deliver?by Valerie Herzberg and Max Watson
 Study2007/1Information and Uncertainty in the Theory of Monetary Policyby Helmut Wagner
2006Study2006/5The Adoption of the Euro, Choice of Currency Regime and Integration of Payment Systemsby Michael C. Bonello, George M. von Furstenberg, Kari Kemppainen/Sinikka Salo
 Study2006/4Macroeconomic Adjustment in the New EU Member Statesby Jürgen von Hagen and Iulia Traistaru-Siedschlag
 Study2006/3Measuring Scale Economies in a Heterogeneous Industry: The Case of European Settlement Institutions by Patrick van Cayseele and Christophe Wuyts
 Study2006/2Visions about the Future of Bankingby Hans J. Blommestein
 Study2006/1Fiscal Issues in the New EU Member Countries: Prospects and Challengesby Helmut Wagner
2005Study2005/5Inflation Targeting and its Effects on Macroeconomic by Thórarinn G. Pétursson
 Study2005/4Internationalization of Banks: Strategic Patterns and Performance by Alfred Slager
 Study2005/3Banking Mergers and Acquisitions in the EU: Overview, Assessment and Prospectsby Rym Ayadi and Georges Pujals
 Study2005/2Trends in Competition and Profitability in the Banking Industry: A Basic Frameworkby Jacob A. Bikker and Jaap S.B. Bos
 Study2005/1Will the Adoption of Basel II Encourage Increased Bank Merger Acticity? Evidence from the United Statesby Timothy H. Hannan and Steven J. Pilloff
2004Study2004/6Two new measures of banking efficiencyRiccardo Brogi and Paolo Santella
 Study2004/5From floating to monetary union: The economic distance between exchange rate regimesEduard H. Hochreiter and Pierre L. Siklos
 Study2004/4 Electronic purses in Euroland: Why do penetration and usage rates differ?by Leo van Hove
 Study2004/3Northern and Eastern Enlargement of EMU: Do Structural Reforms Matter?by Andrew Hughes Hallett, Svend E. Hougaard Jensen and Christian Richter
 Study2004/2European Monetary and Financial Integration: Evolution and Prospectsby Jean-Paul Abraham, Franco Bruni, Alexandre Lamfalussy, Roert Raymond, Jean-Claude Trichet
 Study2004/1Supervisory Systems, Fiscal Soundness and International Capital Movement, More Challenges for New EU Membersby Andreas Grünbichler and Patrick Darlap, Sinikka Salo, Leslie Lipschitz, Timothy Lane and Alex Mourmouras
2003Study2003/5Russia’s Financial Markets Boom, Crisis and Recovery 1995-2001 Lessons for Emerging Markets Investorsby Ralph Süppel
 Study2003/4Securing Financial Stability: Problems and Prospects for New EU Membersby Michael C. Bonello, Fabrizio Saccomanni, Claudia M. Buch, Jörn Kleinert and Peter Zajc
 Study2003/3Monetary and Financial Thinking in Europe: Evidence from Four Decades of SUERFby Jean-Paul Abraham
 Study2003/2The EU Experience in Financial Services Liberalization: A Model for GATS Negotiations?by Paola Bongini
 Study2003/1The Theory of Financial Intermediation, An Essay on What it Does (Not) Explainby Bert Scholtens and Dick van Wensveen
2002Study22European Financial Cross-Border Consolidation: At the crossroads in Europe? By exception, evolution or revolution? by Jean-Paul Abraham & Peter Van Dijcke
 Study21Bank Management between Shareholders and Regulatorsby Christian Harm
 Study20Ongoing Changes in the Business Cycle - Evidence and Causes by Thomas Dalsgaard, Jørgen Elmeskov, Cyn-Young Park
 Study19Is there a Future for Regional Banks and Regional Exchanges? The Strategies of Selected Austrian Finance Institutions by David T. Llewlleyn, R. Ortner, H. Stepic, St.K. Zapotocky
 Study18Banking Internationalisation and the Expansion Strategies of European Banks to Brazil during the 1990s by Luiz Fernando de Paula
 Study17Implications of Globalisation for Monetary Policy by Helmut Wagner
 Study16Financial System Transition in Central Europe: The First Decade by Thomas Reininger, Franz Schardax and Martin Summer
 Study15Italian Mutual Banks: Performance, Efficiency and Mergers and Acquisitions by Juan Sergio Lopez, Alessandra Appennini, and Stefania P.R. Rossi & Roberto Di Salvo, Maria Carmela Mazzilis,and Andrea Guidi
2001Study14Reflections on the Regulation of European Securities Markets by Alexandre Lamfalussy
 Study13Investments in Painting: The interaction of monetary return and psychic income by M.M.G. Fase
 Study12Company Financing, Capital Structure, and Ownership: A Survey, and Implications for Developing Economies by Sanjiva Prasad, Christopher J. Green and Victor Murinde
 Study11Central Banking and the Choice of Currency Regime in Accession Countries by Willem H. Buiter and Clemens Grafe
2000Study10The Federal Reserve System Discussed: A Comparative Analysis by M.M.G. Fase and W.F.V. Vanthoor
 Study9The Spanish Bank’s Strategy in Latin America by Miguel Sebastian and Carmen Hernansanz
 Study8The New Capital Adequacy Framework - Institutional Constraints and Incentive Structures by Cem Karacadag and Michael W. Taylor
 Study7Strengthening Financial Infrastructure Deposit Insurance and Lending of Last Resort by Richard Dale; Franco Bruni and Christian de Boissieu
 Study6Emerging Stock Markets after the Crises by Sarah Hewin, John Calverley and Kevin Grice
1999Study5The New Economics of Banking by David T. Llewellyn
1998Study4Towards an Understanding of the Changing Structure of Financial Intermediation: An Evolutionary Theory of Institutional Survival by Joseph Bisignano
 Study3Corporate Governance in Central and Eastern Europe: Transition management is a tough job by Debora Revoltella and Peter R. Haiss & Gerhard Fink
1997Study2Does Sweden Need a Mandatory Bid Rule? A Critical Analysis by Rolf Skog
 Study1Governance of stakeholder relationships: The German and Dutch experience by George M.M. Gelauff and Corina den Broeder

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