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Fifth Joint Regional Financing Arrangements Research Seminar organised in partnership with the Italian G20 Presidency
Date:  24 September 2021
Time:  1:30 PM Luxembourg - 7:30PM Singapore -  7:30 AM Washington

Session I: Implications of fiscal burdens on emerging markets and low-income countries: are we facing a debt trap?
During this session, our renowned experts will draw lessons from the COVID-19 shock and examine gaps in current sovereign debt analysis and management, which have to be urgently tackled to prevent another widespread debt crisis. Speakers are invited to debate on the challenges of finding the right exit strategy, so that debt-related vulnerabilities do not hamper the economic recoveries in emerging market economies (EMEs) and low-income countries (LICs). They will also reflect on the possible ways to improve the level of global coordination to adequately address indebtedness issues.

Session II: Post COVID-19 growth model: establishing a lasting recovery 
As we consider how to revive our economies, this seminar session will focus on post-pandemic recovery policies aimed at securing not only cyclical stability, but economic and social sustainability too. Our panellists will identify regional differences in fostering future growth and addressing the challenges raised by digitalisation, climate change, and persistent inequalities. How should policy makers coordinate fiscal and monetary policy to reverse the current slippery trend and lift investment to bring economies on higher output levels? How should they address the rising social disparities deepened by the pandemic? Will strong growth in ESG investing led by multilateral development banks (MDBs) be a new source of capital for emerging markets? Going forward, what would be the most appropriate policy mix?  

Programme (pdf)
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