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wiiw Policy Note/Policy Report No. 38, June 2020

How to Spend it: A Proposal for a European Covid-19 Recovery Programme

by Jérôme Creel, Mario Holzner, Francesco Saraceno, Andrew Watt and Jérôme Wittwer

Keywords: Recovery Fund, European Green Deal, Just Transition, transport infrastructure, electricity transmission, public health, Covid-19, EU, investment
JEL classification: H51, H54, I18, Q21, Q28, Q41, Q42, Q43, Q48, R41, R42, R48.
Countries covered: European Union, Wider Europe
Research Areas: Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy, Sectoral studies 

The Recovery Fund recently proposed by the EU Commission marks a sea-change in European integration. Yet it will not be enough to meet the challenges Europe faces. There has been much public debate about financing, but little about the sort of concrete projects that the EU should be putting public money into.
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